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Every year we receive hundreds of request for videos of this film starring LENNY HENRY, JOHN SHEA, GEORGE BAKER, and PETE POSTLETHWAITE etc.

When we produced it in 1986 we were unable to clear any of the rights for any form of video distribution actors, writers, musicians, music content, director, writer and crew.

It was thought by the different financing elements that it was only a television film and as it would then have cost well over 200,000 to clear it for video release worldwide not to be worth the investment.

Due to numerous demands to purchase the video and lately DVD we have tried, on several occasion, to clear these rights retrospectively. This has not happened. Apart from the fact that the costs would now be far greater than those quoted in 1986, many of those concerned have said that they will not give their permission for such a release. These permissions are needed to move forward.

Therefore, it is with great regret that we are unable to provide any of you with a film that so many of you fondly remember nearly 20 years after it was first screened.

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David Nicholas Wilkinson

Executive Producer