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Eddie enjoys his life, his job and his family. He has fond memories of how he met his wife Jeanie in school and the birth of his two children, Katie and Billy.

Eddie also has fond memories of how, while waiting for a bus, he embarrassed his Mum by clapping in unison with two dogs who appeared to be playing a curious rhythmical game of piggy back. He remembers that, when he tried to get the rest of the bus queue to clap along and watch the acrobatic canines, the whole queue seemed to be otherwise engaged, engrossed in the bus timetable.

Determined not to be so uptight about the facts of life with their own children, Eddie and Jeanie agree to be totally open and natural, answering all their children's questions honestly and frankly.

This strategy backfires one day when Katie stumbles in on Eddie and Jeanie making love. The next day in the school playground Katie over hears two older girls discussing the finer details of love making and, deciding to put them straight on one or two points, Katie ends up regaling to the majority of the school, including a few dinner ladies, teachers and the Head Master, her inside knowledge of the carnal pleasures.

Eddie and Jeanie are asked to come in and see the Head Master who is slightly concerned at the level of Katie’s knowledge.

This is soon followed by a ‘harmless’ visit from social services and before he knows it, Eddie finds himself being investigated. In an attempt to keep his family together, Eddie exiles himself from the centre of his family while the matter is sorted out.

As the finger of suspicion is pointed Eddie is soon a forlorn figure living in a bed-sit, missing his role at the centre of his family and aching for fatherly contact with his beloved children.

It is in this tormented state of mind, having rejecting any offer of monitored access, that he hatches a foolhardy plan to 'kidnap' Katie and Billy – just for one day.

His plan is to collect them one morning, before the start of school, and head off for a fun-filled day at the seaside.

Eddie plans the operation with military precision. Pull up at the school; Katie and Billy jump in the back; they duck down until they get out of sight; then off to the seaside with just a couple of zeros in the school register; back in time for tea… what could go wrong?

With the journey well under way, Eddie realises that Katie and Billy are still ducking out of sight in the back seat. Smiling to himself, Eddie tells them that it is okay to stop hiding and through the rear view mirror, he watches as first Katie pops up, then Billy… and then Susan! Susan is Katie’s friend who, with the prospect of an adventure, has jumped in the car unnoticed.

Eddie decides that another naught in the register won’t do any harm, that is until Susan, during a game of eye-spy, points at a police car heading the other way and announces “my dad drives one of them”.

From that moment on Eddie’s day goes from bad to worse as he stumbles from crisis to crisis ending up on the beach where suddenly, and unexpectedly, he experiences a magical interlude with his kids which stops the clock, allowing himself to feel that maybe everything will be alright.

But, as the contented trio sleep soundly on the way home, Eddie is unaware of the reception committee that awaits their arrival back in town, including Susan’s dad who, as it turns out, is arrested so often that Susan thought he must work for the police.

All Eddie wanted was to be a 'proper dad' again, a ‘normal dad’ – even if it was for just one day.

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