The Man in Seat 61 - taster pilot

Guerilla Films is planning a TV series of Mark Smith’s award winning website The Man in Seat 61.

We have filmed a 'taster' to show what the series might be like, which you can watch below.  In the taster, The Man in Seat 61 helps actor Kenneth Cranham travel from Trafalgar Square to Waterloo battlefield on the first leg of an overland journey to St Petersburg, on the trail of Napoleon.  Please let us know what you think.

Feedback from the general public

Wonderful! A perfect mix of adventure, practical tips, the joy of trains and mouthwatering meals. Beautifully shot and engagingly presented. I loved every minute. So, when's the next episode? I'm all set with my book and corkscrew and wheelie bag at the ready.
colin ruffell Hong Kong

roughly enjoyable taster. I look forward to the continuing journey!
John Gwynne United Kingdom

Yes, this is a programme I'd very much like to see. Please make sure it’s on Freeview when it goes out. Rail Travel in Europe is a great joy as is Mark's web site.
Richard T United Kingdom

I loved the pilot, love train travel, used AMTRAK widely when I have travelled to USA over 30 years. In 2000 I travelled on some trains in Norway and was impressed, sadly lack of government backbone in NSW  and Australia in general we cannot get a VFT like the Eurostar here, because they won't commit to even doing a proper E.I.S. to get one done here, so our XPT trains tend not to be express  but SPT  Slow Passenger Train. I am a member of our NSW Rail Transport Museum, so am interested in older trains as well as new fast trains, would prefer them to flying within Australia.

great combination train travel history and food also Mark gives us the ability to travel the world by train Istanbul to London next trip
david barnes Australia

Yes please!
If you can't get to Waterloo (or St. Petersburg) yourself, this film would be the next best thing
Juliet PragerUnited Kingdom

I read about Seat 61 in an article in The Times where it mentioned the rail journey from Bangkok to Singapore. Since I was going to Thailand I made a point of doing this trip using Mark's excellent site to plan the journey. Followed on by a trip to the 'Bridge on the River Kwai'.
Now I'm retired and resident in Thailand I use Mark's site to plan journeys such as Hanoi to Saigon via Hue and Danang. I recommend Mark's site to everyone I know; he is always responsive to queries. I send him copies of newspaper clipping s about rail developments in SE Asia as I see them.
Clive Evans Thailand

Absolutely fabulous! I am sending out the word to everyone I know.
Carmel Macpherson Australia

An excellent idea, guaranteed to be of interest to travel buffs, rail enthusiasts and avid consumers of documentaries (I count myself among all three). I'll certainly be watching!

Jamie Walker United Kingdom
I have used Mark's site for travel from Waterloo (before the Eurostar left from St Pancras) through Europe to Turkey and beyond and am currently using his info to travel East to West from Vladivostock to Moscow & St Petersburgh on the Trans-Siberian and then the return home from from Russia through Sweden & Dane mark by train and ferry. I would love to see a regular feature on TV about the Man in Seat 61
James Peters United Kingdom

It’s a difficult balance to achieve between historical documentary and practical travel film. However I picked up 2 useful tips from the first episode. My preference would be for more travel tips and less history but I think it’s an excellent project and I wish you well.
Trevor Dobson United Kingdom

Excellent, would love to see more. I'm addicted to Seat-61 website. I'm planning another trip back to Europe this year & went straight to website to work out trains to get me to & around the countries I want to see this time, as I did last time.
Lea Robinson Australia

I simply love train travel in Europe and this brings it all back.
Too difficult and expensive to enjoy from Australia so this program is simply brilliant in helping to relive and also live new areas not yet visited.
Love it ....... thank you.
Peter Smith Australia

Great website and enticing programme taster. Hope you will issue it on DVD as we are not very good at watching TV itself.
Chris Gunstone United Kingdom

Oh Bliss! Wonderful. Can I come along please? We are planning a trip to Europe next year and all our travel plans have just gone out of the window! Love the program. Congratulations and best wishes.
Bert Morris Australia

Excellent idea - please makes the TV series and sells it to the Australian networks.
Thank you
Margaret Stafford Australia

Fantastic idea. Great info. Please do more - if you ever need any music doing.. Please let me know I'd love to get involved.
Toby Goodman United Kingdom

Fantastic. Please make this into a series!
Nick United Kingdom

I'd love to see more.  Seat 61 has been a great help to me over the years.  Good job on the film.
William Merryman United States

Great idea. I'm a fan of the website. Much I guess will depend on the charisma of your guest presenter and you can't always start on Eurostar as it will get boring. Good luck.
Martin Goodman United Kingdom

Excellent!!  This has to get commissioned, very entertaining and perfect for those who are unsure about train travel. 
Ria Caine United Kingdom

Loved it - needs more trains though!
Richard Bladen Australia

Had a look out of idle curiosity and was very quickly engrossed in film. So disappointed when it ended and would love to see entire journey. Loved the easy natural style.
Irene Hutchison United Kingdom

This program would be of great interest in nz. We have little insite to the extent of rail from the UK and beyond. I have always promoted seat61 on returning to nz to my friends.
I hope the project proceeds
John New Zealand

An excellent piece which is informative and interesting. Shows the benefits of train travel well without being against those who fly. A very good start and I hope you will continue with this. Well written and well filmed, the piece made me want to know what happened after Brussels.
Andrew Calder United Kingdom

Cannot wait for programme to be on tv
Emma McDonald United Kingdom

I've always enjoyed browsing through Mark's website and this TV series seems to be just awesome. Wish that I could get to watch it in India!
Sagar Tipnis India

Having met you Mark with your wife on the Orient Express trip this year (Jan 27) I decided to look at your website to see what you were about!
I was even more surprised when vaguely describing what you do to a friend and she gave me your web address!!
I have watched the 'taster' film and liked it very much; we would watch such a series on TV and would enjoy it.  We wish you luck in getting it to air.
We will definitely look more closely in to the site when we are ready to travel across Canada or indeed anywhere else!
Maureen Coles United Kingdom

A splendid idea! Well-constructed and very well presented. Hope to see it on the screen very soon.
John Hallsworth United Kingdom

I really liked this taster and look forward to more.   I would love to know if you are still planning it.
I worked for Eurostar just before and during the launch and loved the romance of being able to access Europe from London by the scenic route.
I often use seat 61 so great to see who the mystery man is - I still have lots of plans to do many an epic rail journey round Europe with my camera - so will look forward to seeing more of what your tips and ideas are.
Best wishes,
Georgina Carless United Kingdom

This is a fantastic idea! I am busy planning a trip on the QM2 to New York and found Mark's website by accident but what a great find. The information given on the site and in the pilot is a great combination of both practical tips and interesting facts, all designed to enhance the holiday/travel experience. We are long overdue a decent travelogue and this format would certainly fill the gap and more.
Rosemary Malcolm United Kingdom

Excellent video to match the website. More please.
M Hudson United Kingdom

Just discovered this amazing site, can't wait to make my first journey!  I would watch every episode if it was commissioned.
Diana Birks United Kingdom

This is gonna be good.
RON PICKETT United Kingdom

The pilot really grows on you: at first I thought they wouldn't make good travelling companions but they're really charming together.
Thanks to The Man in Seat 61 we took our honeymoon on the beautiful Cinque Terre coast in Italy, taking trains all the way from Newport, South Wales, to get there. Trains are sooo romantic!
Rachel United Kingdom

Very impressive! A good start to a potential travel series. One might want to focus more on the logistics of train travel as well so the viewer could learn to replicate the journey in the film, but really quite enjoyable.
Daniel Burnham United States

An excellent introduction to what I would hope could be a whole series of films based on rail travel. There are so many interesting places throughout Europe and beyond, that the railway gives us access to. If Mark could make this series with the emphasis on the rail travel, and be accompanied by Mr Cranham or any other interesting travel companion, I would think it could be a great success, and one that I would watch with great pleasure.
Bob Hayward United Kingdom

Fantastic! I love trains, I love history, I love travel... and I love great television series that can make me feel as if I'm there and want to be because I'm not.
Please make more. Please.
K Watson United States

Love it and hopeful that it makes its debut. The website has been a recent find and I am unsure whether that is positive or not. I will continue to envy the Europeans even more with such a great rail system at their doors. Good luck
Brian Michie Australia

Great and hope you get to finish the series and it get shown on TV. Good luck :-)
Danny Batt United Kingdom

Brilliant. Great idea...With children studying in Europe this program and web site are indispensable. The information is timely and helpful for the students and reassuring for the parents left at home wondering if their offspring will be able to negotiate the marvellous maze of the European Railway system.  The best way to travel!!! Thank you..
Anna Patelli United States

The website inspired my friend and I to travel to Istanbul then on to Damascus by train in 2009. It was to celebrate our 70th Birthdays and we had quite an adventure!! We are going to south of France this year, stopping at Avignon on the way. We shall watch the series. 
Margaret Hollinrake United Kingdom

Excellent! Can't wait to see the rest of the series!
JohnHale United Kingdom

What a great idea.......the pilot program is nicely paced; such a contrast to the frenetic activity surrounding air travel these days.
Mike O'Neill United Kingdom

Absolutely fascinating. What a wonderful site. I hope you get this show off the ground. I look forward to seeing more.
I am soon to be taking a six week solo trip to Europe and the UK and am finding this site an extremely helpful and  insightful tool.
Yours with a slightly reduced amount of trepidation
Adrian John Mathie Australia

Inspirational! I will be flicking through the pages tomorrow to plan our journey into Europe. Look forward to watching the rest of the series.
Mike Thompson United Kingdom

Michael Portillo eat your heart out! Seriously this has everything - trains, travel, history, food and drink! Well almost! A bit more about the trains and the route would enhance a great idea at a time when we are agonising over high speed rail and its benefits. I also think the web site is great. I am currently using it to plan a trip in Peru.
Peter Lowe United Kingdom

Absolutely, great job. This is one of a kind website which will become a very good television series. Please do start this project and broadcast it overseas too.
Rahul Barman Roy  India

This is an excellent pilot and I wish you every success with the series.  It's got a good balance between travel and history and shows life on the train.  Mark's website has been the bible in which I have consulted many many times on my journey across the world using trains. 
Andy Adam United Kingdom

Wonderful program.  I'm retired US military married to a gal born & raised in Somerset.  Having spent 7 years in Berlin on active duty (1984-90)as an AFN broadcaster, my family and I made many an overnight trip on the US duty train from Berlin to Frankfurt.  We were hooked on train travel from there on.  Now when I go to Europe/UK, we fly across the "big pond" and use the train everywhere.  This summer we will get Eurail tickets (German/Benelux flexipass and an England Britrail pass).  We will take the Stenna Line from Hoek van Holland to Harwich and train to London and London to Somerset.  Going back, we will take the train back to London, Eurostar to Bruxelles (I use the Walloon/French spelling because I was stationed at SHAPE!!). Then we will take the train down to SHAPE to have lunch with friends and then back to Germany to catch out flt back to the "Colonies".  I am a confirmed train traveller and I will convert my son-in-law & grandson into train travellers this summer.  My
  wife, my daughter and I are already there!!! 
Barry Cantor MSgt, USAF retired FL USA

As a long standing fan of 'Seat 61' I am looking forward to watching this series - hopefully on either BBC2 or 4. Incidentally if you tune into the Freeview channel Yesterday you can see Kenneth Cranham as he was 30 years ago, as the eponymous hero of the popular drama series 'Shine on Harvey Moon'. 
Dorothy Phillips United Kingdom

Rod United Kingdom

the man in seat 62 never sits alone
Mike Shanley Gateshead United Kingdom

Great video.  Why isn't this on the Travel Channel?  Certainly much better than most of the drivel that airs now.
Deryl Edwards United States

Very Interesting - it would make an excellent series when can we see it all.
david Lawrence United Kingdom

The site is chock full of great information. A TV series would be great viewing, even as only a webcast.
Bill Belton United States

Looking forward to the rest of this. I like the combination of "real" travel with a bit of info on the places en route. A series with a number of itineraries would be great as a taster for travelling; could do with a bit more on "travel tips" by train(reservations,etc).
Steve Ottevanger United Kingdom

Love the film (although a bit more about the train would be good)...and the website and book!
Going to Switzerland and around this summer by train. Wouldn't have done it without The Man in Seat 61!
Caroline Harris United Kingdom

First visit to the website. I was sent the address by a friend, as I'm planning to travel to Croatia in June this year to go walking with other friends.
The only problem is we're starting off from Orthez, in the Pyrenees Atlantiques in France.
Can you help?
Stephen Parker France

Excellent.  I hope this is picked up by Canadian tv (preferably Knowledge Network in B.C. 
mollie hicking Canada

I am planning a trip to Moscow and St.Petersburg right now, so this has offered me more insight into the possibilities. I have used the "Man in Seat 61" website before - to save me a lot of money taking a one way trip from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Pay in Ringit and book a return trip starting in KL, but don't use that ticket. The cost in Ringit is less than one way starting in Singapore!
Looking forward to more episodes!
Bill Bowie Canada

This has the makings of a fabulous series.
By the way, if you're planning an episode on travelling to the Levant, and are looking for someone to accompany Mark on a train ride to Syria, I'm your man (I'll even pay my own fare).
ROB MARRIOTT United Kingdom

Enjoyable and I was left wanting to see what happened next. The two protagonists  make a good team with their different areas of expertise. Anything that shows the joys of train travel can only be a good thing amongst all the shows about airports as if that was the only way to travel.
Deborah Fuller United Kingdom

Very inspiring stories in your websites, not just the railway journey from Trafalgar Square to Waterloo.... Would love to see more video series along the treks.
Fung Ching Gor Hong Kong

What a marvellous programme.  Just the sort of thing to give you a taster of the places visited and the experience of it all.
I've always been impressed with the information available on the website (seat61) and although I don't travel by train much these days I'm so pleased that there is this information available because when you're not a regular railway traveller it's wonderful to find someone who can advise you in the complex options of modern rail travel.
I am currently looking for information to reach our Spanish apartment easily (and economically) with our car, so once in France how we can take the car on the train to the south of France and then drive to the apartment in La Zenia.

In Nov 2010 we had our first experience of flying since the early 1970s when we flew with Ryanair from Bristol to Alicante.  It wasn't such a bad experience but we'd rather travel on land.

I'd like to wish "The man in Seat61" all the best with this venture.
Jane Jinks United Kingdom

An excellent start.  Look forward to the series
John W Barnes United Kingdom

i really hope this series gets off the ground as i am sure it will be a huge success. It would be great to see such journeys as the Tran Siberian,  and the Ghan, on a wide screen televison, just to mention a couple. Because of seat 61 I have done some of the world’s greatest train journeys myself including Durham to Tianjin in 2010. These journeys i would not even have contemplated without the guidance of the man in seat61. I wish you all the best with your show Mark.
Antony United Kingdom

From the USA but living in Indonesia. This site has been very helpful as I research my travels in Asia. The show looks fun!
Clarissa Indonesia

This is a wonderful programme; I cannot wait to see the next. I hope it gets the go ahead.
Robin Gilesv United Kingdom

Knock on the door of BBC2 & tell them Michael Portillo has some good competition. Do hope a commission follows
Graham Parsons United Kingdom

Hurry up and get the TV series started, I can't wait.  I am excited by the prospect of seeing the rest of the journey as the mix of travel by train, sightseeing with an historical theme and the exploration of food and drink is a winning mix.
Anne Kleiser United Kingdom
A good "taster", and I hope that the necessary backing for the full series is found.  I would prefer more information about the trains, and the snags as well as the advantages of travelling by rail.
G Lees United Kingdom

I'd love to travel to St Petersburg - and to go by train would be the ultimate.
Well done and thanks to Mark Smith - the 'taster' is a simple inspiration.

I love the 'Man in Seat 61' website - it inspires me to explore new countries and travel.  We celebrated my birthday in 2010 by flying to Budapest and travelling back to Paris by train over 5 days - it was one of the best trips I have ever made; especially the journey from Vienna to Zurich.  A must for everyone.
Michelle Render United Kingdom

Excellent work. If I may suggest, keep a high (a touch higher than in the pilot) railways content (pictures, technique, history...) so as to match the remarkable website.
Jérôme Le Roy France

Fabulous, very well made and the two characters are a perfect on-screen partnership. It really captures the beauty of long-distance rail travel. Also a nice tribute to a tragically under-appreciated city. I do hope this gets commissioned, just make sure the trains - and thus the journey - remain the key actors.
Andrew Belgium

Hello Mark, this video is excellent....when is it going live?
Your website was fantastic help for our Train trip, Beaconsfield (UK) to Lisbon.
We are now using "Seat 61" to plan our next train experience.
Many thanks for your guidance,
Ron and Ann...UK Pensioners

Excellent let’s hope it makes it to the TV and if it does please let me know. I’m sure at some point I will be making one of these great journeys  having used the website many times to help plan my own journeys
MR C.R HAYWARD United Kingdom

Brilliant - my kind of show!!  I hope this gets commissioned. I love the site and have used it when looking up info on train travel in SE Asia.
Jess Humphries United Kingdom

Hope you can help with some info I've not been able to find yet. We are 1st time travelling to Europe and starting off with a bit of a time crunch. Arriving at Heathrow at 6:25a will we be able to get to Euston Station in time to make the Holyhead train for quick jump to Ireland at 9:10a? How far is Euston from LHR? What is the recommended mode of transport to get to Euston? Appreciate any advice - thanks in advance.
Ron United States

I always refer to the 'Man in seat 61' for my rail journeys, but how great is it to actually meet the man himself! I quite enjoyed this pilot episode, but I was expecting a true rail experience. By this I mean, the journey and not the destination! When I travel by train I look forward to the people I will meet along the way. Why they are traveling, where they are going, what their previous experiences of rail travel have been etc. I don't know what else you have to cover in future series, but I would like to see what is on offer for people with disabilities and for their carers.
Brendan O’Connor United Kingdom

Loved the taster video - when can we see more of it? The idea of making this into a TV series is just wonderful - can't wait to see it.
The info on the website is second to none and is all very helpful.
We have used the website before to navigate the French rail system so in a couple of weeks’ time it is time to go further and find our way from London-Paris-Zurich-Milan-Rome-Sorrento for this year's spring break, with some stops along the way.
Andrew Havergal United Kingdom

I will definitely watch this if it gets commissioned.  The Man in seat 61 has opened up Europe to me as someone who is unable to fly or drive. Thank you
Gill Morphy United Kingdom

Awesome! I love train travel and culture-gathering as well as getting to know local history. I recently went to Europe and learned a lot from the Man in Seat 61's website, which guided me for my travels.
Keep it coming. I specially love those trips you make from London to Asia and the Middle East or North Africa!
Hector Gonzalez Mexico

Too much envy of you Europeans! Wonderful trips along the European tracks! Thanks for share this very nice movie showing us many aspects of the cities, countries and its history. Please share with us from abroad how to watch the next episodes.
Paulo Roberto Filomeno Brazil

As a great fan of train travel and frequent visitor to the Seat 61 website, I would like to see this series materialise. I suspect there would be a wider audience than just the website fans too - including friends and relatives of travellers + those who simply dream.
Sandra Moore United Kingdom

I use Mark's website all the time as a source of inspiration and information.  The pilot is excellent - it would make such a good show.  I thought Mark was great to watch, as was Kenneth.
I really hope this gets commissioned.
Katie Smith United Kingdom

I think it's a good idea.  However, you risk the whole focus being on the actor, and not on you unless you pick guests who are at least a little intimidated by the prospect of train travel.  So, without turning the whole thing into another Rick Steves video, you should really look for ways to keep the accent on train travel, and on those specialities of local culture most accessible to those on the rails.
Ben Bangs United States

Fascinating, informative, evocative...please do more.  
J. R. Hose United States

Fantastic. How old is this? Any news of further episodes?
Raul Spain

I have so far used the information in seat61 for travel in numerous countries over three continents (and soon to add more :-)
I love the taster, fingers crossed you get the go ahead for the series and not just London to St Petersburg but many of the other fantastic rail journeys your site features. I can see a lot of scope for further production!
Jason Norris United Kingdom

looks like it's gonna be a brilliant series!
I'm already reading the book and can't wait to watch the series on TV!
I've always travelled the world by air, only using the trains from airports to city destinations, and now I'm desperate to get my train tickets and get going without the 'planes.
best wishes to Mark Smith in his future ventures and many thanks for all the already provided information, Stevie Scott.
stevie scott United Kingdom

I loved this pilot, and would love to see the whole trip till St Petersburg.
I hope some channel in Chile would be interested to buy the series, or the cable channels some of them are British.
Susy Andai Chile

I found your site while digging around Amtrac, of all things, and just loved it.
I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and used the British Rail system for years while a member of The Royal Navy.
I did so miss the journeys, but not the British Rail service. This was back in the '60's and early 70's.
America does not fair too badly in the trains department, and as retirement approaches, train travel is high on my agenda again.
I do hope to return to Europe and ride in some of the great routes. I travelled in France, Belgium, Holland,Germany,Luxemburg in my twenties and would like to do it all again.
Your show is just fantastic. I hope that all the funding can be found.
I really enjoyed the pilot.
I was fascinated to see how you went from small beginnings into building such a great idea into a business. More success to you indeed.
All the best
Billy Delaney United States

Terrific! I look forward to trains direct to Hanover and Madrid from London.
Peter Harrison United Kingdom
1st class of course.
Ticks all the boxes but let's not denigrate UK rail staff and services too much. So Mark Smith does exist and he pairs up well with Kenneth Cranham to expose some well kept secrets of travel and eating.
Donald Irvine United Kingdom

Excellent, informative, enjoyable - when's the next episode? More about cost would be helpful.
Pauline Edwards United Kingdom

A real pleasure; a programme that covers four of our greatest pleasures...train travel, eating, drinking and history.
Jane and Steven United Kingdom

Superb taster combining two of my great interests - train travel and military history! The TV networks would have a winner on their hands if they picked up on this, knocks Michael Portillo into a cocked hat!
Ian Dickson United Kingdom

Fantastic video, great idea for a series. I wish I could afford to sponsor it. I wish I could watch it on UK TV when if it does get commissioned but unfortunately that is not an option here.
Andreas Kakanis-Silk Greece

This is a very informative show. I like it so much, it will be a great help for first time traveller using trains like me :). I hope you are going to have this show on TV and shown it all around Europe including Norway. I will definitely watch it and also i have sent the link of your website to my traveller friends back in the Philippines for their reference on future travels to Europe. Very interesting and informative….keep going... :)
Jacqueline oliveros Norway

I really like the taster pilot. I'm really interested in travelling and for me, travelling to exciting countries by train adds to the adventure and enjoyment. I would definitely watch more of this! Well done! :-)
Thase United Kingdom

Love it!  I do hope you find a sponsor.  I have
travelled all over the world by train and find your website absolutely invaluable.  This series looks as though it would be very entertaining as well as being informative, and I for one would love to watch it.  Good Luck with it!
Anne Kerkvliet Netherlands

What a great idea for a series. Nicely balanced. I do hope it becomes a full series on TV.
John Crosskey United Kingdom

Wow, fabulous, go for it.
Having just yesterday witnessed the demise of WSMR, the UK's best rail service, ( trailer has quite cheered me up.
Our use of Seat61 has enabled modest European trips and we hope to do more. Our next trip is to Salzburg via Zurich, for less than a flight (or the walk on rail fare to London). Hooray - winning with comfort and cost.
Well done and thank you.
ps - and a joy to have helicopter shots without artificial heli-noise...
Michael Dixon United Kingdom

Excellent I look forward to the remainder of the journey. 
Lynn Day United Kingdom

Every time I visit the website it fires my imagination and helps get the best prices! A TV series would complement the website so well. I wish everyone could understand that getting there should be an experience in itself.
Thanks Mark for everything.
Peter Jackson United Kingdom

Great idea! I know not everyone can afford first class Eurostar but it would be a real help to know how much a sleeper costs or a thalys or even if there are cheaper, and, as direct options also? Maybe an overall cost from point A to B as well? This has massive potential.. Dreaming of Far East adventures and obscure railways!
Andy United Kingdom

Qantas is a successful airline which, unlike many does, barely competes with railways. It is highly unlikely there will ever be high speed rail in Australia because the distances are too long and the population too small. And trains from Sydney to LHR or LAX are not in prospect.
Qantas may have an interest in promoting rail in many of its destinations as a way to grow international travel generally.
Richard Ure Australia

This show is great. I am watching it at work and planning to take the same trip. I want them to go around the world --and maybe take boats too. Thank you for making this available.
Ps I would like a bit more footage on the train--the food the view, the cars and people aboard--sleeping --the experience of time passing etc.
Liz United States

I think that the taster brings a fresh approach to the 'great rail journey' genre.  Seat 61 is all about using trains for the journey and the enjoyment of the experience of travel.  Portilla has done this in the UK.  Across Europe there are a vast number of journeys which could bring the same blend the taster presents of history, culture and enjoyment along the route.  Where ever we travel the train window provides only a brief view through the looking glass of the spectacle we pass.  'The Man in Seat 61' taster entertains by taking us into the view and may even excite us enough to make the journey.
S P Cross United Kingdom

WOW!  When and when can I get more of "The Man in seat 61."   I'm not a 'Destination Traveller' I'm a 'Journey Traveller’.  I enjoy and savour the trip, unlike many of my contemporaries who rush as fast as they can to get everywhere and bemoan the time it takes.   I love taxies, trolleys, trains, ferries, local water cruses and busses, and possess a reasonable tolerance for air travel under the necessary evil category.   "The Man in Seat 61" seems like the ideal travel encounter/companion we all hope to meet or go with us.   Keep UP The GREAT Work!!
TK United States

Looks too good to be true.  Hate a certain budget airline, family in Ibiza, longing to visit Barcelona properly.  When there's time I'll check out your website properly - looks clever.
pat clippingdale United Kingdom

Thoroughly enjoyable and informative, can't wait to see the rest of the journey.
Sarah United Kingdom

Excellent just hope it gets commissioned, I will watch everyone!
Mark does a tremendous service and I have used the site many times travelling in Europe with bikes. He even responds to emails!
Bob MacQueen   United Kingdom

Yes, I like the idea a lot. The Man in seat 61 gives such good advice on a very complex subject, and this TV programme brings the website to life and makes suggestions about how you can use trains to get to interesting places. Perhaps it will encourage people to get off planes and go and explore
Heidi King  United Kingdom

Enjoyable, wish I had a TV to watch the rest of it. Would like a bit more on the trains. Also not much for vegetarians in the first episode!!!!:-) Liked the historical aspect.
G LEE   United Kingdom

This taster travelogue embraces everything we enjoy - rail travel combined with eating and drinking.  We look forward to the next leg of the journey to St Petersburg.
We love your website, Mark, and have used it for train travel in South Africa, Europe and elsewhere.  The information and accuracy is second to none.
Hilary and Norman Sowden      Spain

Having used the website for vital information and tips, I think this was an excellent pilot. Travelled to Moscow via Warsaw a couple of years ago so would love to see that portion of the journey. Especially the part before leaving Belarus when you get shunted into a shed and the whole train is lifted off its wheels (with passengers still on board)!!
SIMON CAVANNA  United Kingdom

Really good to 'meet' the man himself. I was so grateful for Mark's website a couple of years ago when I organised a month long trip round Europe by train. I found his website really helpful - in fact I don't think I could have planned the trip without it.
Love the idea of a TV series based on The Man in Seat 61 - however, I would like the series to contain more inside information about the trains, journey, stations, etc and not so much about the history of the places - other TV programmes give enough of that.
I think Mark's knowledge about train travel is so brilliant that the programme could deliver more tips and ideas about train travel which I think would be more beneficial - for instance I never knew about the 24 hour 'free' travel in Brussels if book on Eurostar.
Good luck with making the rest of the series.
Hazel McDonald   United Kingdom

You are on the right tracks with this project. Just the ticket in fact.
Ken Lea  Lancashire.   United Kingdom

Excellent. Cannot wait for the next instalment.
Allan Mitchell United Kingdom

The man in seat 61 inspired me on my next adventure. Travelling all around Asia by train. What a nice program this will be. Keep it going.
Martin   United Kingdom

A very interesting programme. Rather than travel on a long journey in one go I am more interested in making stops on the way. the format of this episode is a good balance with the train the main feature but includes places to visit near the station and also a half day excursion to a places of interest. An excellent way to showcase the ease of train travel.
Brian Stanbridge  United Kingdom

What a pleasant surprise to find this clip. I've used the site many times over the years and the information I've gained has been invaluable.
Kenneth Cranham has always been one of my favourite actors and is an excellent choice and works well with Mark Smith.
The comments regarding Brussels I'm in agreement with, a great city and vastly under rated. Nice to see the Delirium bar as well. Look forward to seeing more of the journey.
John Walsh  United Kingdom

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.  I used your web site to plan my trip back from Budapest to Preston.  The first time I have ever been abroad. I really could not have done it without your help.  If it were not for the web site I almost certainly would not have gone, let alone got home!  I now have the bug to travel more.  A real heartfelt thank you.  I wish I had gone to see seat 61 now on my way back. The program is spot on, informative, calm, interesting and amusing in all the right measures.  A real breath of fresh air compared to most other programs on TV.  If you ever need anyone to carry your bags, I'm your man, once again thanks and encase you hadn't worked it out, YES to the rest of the programs.  Dave, Lancashire, U.K.
Dave Newsham  United Kingdom

The Man In Seat 61 a great information site for worldwide rail travel. This pilot episode is brilliant, looking forward to the next episode!
David Foley    United Kingdom

Hi really interesting program and i have found your website very useful. However how will you choose your guests? Will they all be foodies/celebrities? I think you should find people who are truly interested in travel - for various reasons to keep the interest. And what about the environmental benefits of train travel - there are lots of ambitious carbon conscious travellers out there. But don’t fall into the trap of making a 'travel' program it is about the method and the reason i think more that the destination. History was nice but variety will broaden the appeal.
Best of luck and looking forward to seeing the series.
Thalia Eccles  United Kingdom

Very entertaining and informative.  Would love to see the route through London, Paris and Italy.
TILTON   United States

The making of a good series with many potential routes that could be covered.
Enjoyed the taster.
Have used The Man in Seat 61 and found the contents most useful so expect the same from this programme.  Rail travel fan
Peter Wilson    United Kingdom

Most Enjoyable......Cannot wait for the continuation of this series. On our Canadian Travel Channel they showcased across Canada rail trip....Just think about around the world....Thank You "The Man in Seat 61" You have a winner.
Ron Butterworth     Canada

A fantastic idea for a series and very timely. I’m looking forward to the Amsterdam-Prague sleeper and later the grand sleeper from Moscow to St Petersburg.
It would be nice to hear more from the self-effacing Mark Smith.
How about inviting Fred Plotkin to accompany Mark Smith from London to various places in Italy in the second series?!!
MARY PHILO   United Kingdom

This is a fabulous sample of what we could expect from a TV show based on the joy of rail travel combined with the experience of The Man in Seat 61, Mark Smith.  To travel by rail gives an experience and sensation that some travellers do not know as it is not present when traveling by car or by air.   Kenneth Cranham appears to be a knowledgeable and affable person but there appears to be little chemistry between him and Mark Smith. I hope the project gets off the ground. I for one would be keen to see more.
Gary Hodge Australia

I have enjoyed your website for years, it has helped me tremendously when i am overseas, and the video series can only enhance the information.
John Frey     United States

How absolutely wonderful. To educate travellers and build in historical issues. I can't wait to see the finished series. Something, I have no doubt WILL happen.
Ruthie Haslett     United Kingdom

Thoroughly compulsive viewing. Please, please, let's have more. The Man in Seat 61 is a superbly mysterious title for this. The man, website and book are pretty good too. 
Alan Perks   United Kingdom

Excellent. There has been a need for an interesting, intelligent travel programme since the demise of the BBC's Travel Show some years ago. I think you could well fill that gap.
Tony Pirie United Kingdom

It's great, I loved the show.  Could you please slow down when you're showing the maps of possible routes?  The animated maps.  Train prices?  I love the corkscrew tip!
It was wonderful being taken on tour of the cities I'd be travelling to, rather than just dots on the map.
This show is an excellent idea!  I can't wait until the Mongolian and Silk route part, that's what I'm waiting for.  Wow, even if you sold this idea as DVD's and sold it in the travel section of Chapters or Indigo, Amazon!  I would buy this pre trip, it would be much more useful than just a book.
I would spend less time on the restaurants and more on what you see, the history of the cities and land you pass, and the prices of hotels and hostels in the area.
Good job.   Brenda Summers Gabel

Cracking film. It left me wanting much, much more. They make quite a good pair - Kenneth the expansive bon viveur, Mark the knowledgeable, pragmatic, somewhat nerdy (sorry!) expert. But hey, horses for courses eh?
For me, this is primarily a travel programme, with the history a bit of a bonus provided it doesn't overpower and get in the way of the journey.
Here's to the pilot leading to a full series, however it might turn out.
Clive Milone United Kingdom

Awesome! Would love to see this get a full series. Perfect balance of train stuff and general travel info, so it should get a good audience.
Ewan  United Kingdom

I was rather dubious how you could make a TV programme 'about' your superb website, but it's an utter revelation: very engaging. I am a TV professional, a drama location manager (aka Rob Champion, my stage name) so I won't have any better connections than your producer at Guerilla. I once worked with Ken Cranham when I stage-managed 'What The Dickens' at HTV in the 80s and some months afterwards bumped into him when he was drinking outside a pub in Hayes. So I remember him rather differently from how he now presents himself: there was at the time a thrilling edge to him and now we see a very cultured, deep person. And he likes trains! Fascinating man. Once the film got going I wanted to go the whole way to St Petersburg with you both. Personally, this trip I would love to make. If I won the lottery I would spend half my life travelling by train, but with ancestral roots in Poland, that's where I want to go most. Also with a recent trip to Brussels by train which left me culinary disappointed I want to make amends and visit the restaurant with all the flames! Surely this is a natural for BBC4???
Robert Harris  United Kingdom

I am too impatient to watch the taster finish before commenting! I know already that it is a VERY good idea, in fact the best, because I love rail journeys.
I am watching the travel channel on Sky at present, actually it is on all the time because I was born to travel, trust me. Also I have the rail journey series in my possession.
I will be your biggest fan when your series come to light.    Get on with it!!
Patty    United Kingdom

Great pilot episode, i myself have travelled many times in Europe by train and find this very interesting viewing, my favourite place to travel to is Switzerland by train.  I look forward to you maybe including this when you film a proper series. Also thanks for the website i have used your information many times in my journeys, first class website.
 Good luck and thanks      Terence Orton    United Kingdom

Both enjoyable and informative, can’t wait for the next episode
N.Keane  United Kingdom

Excellent! I love the idea of following Napoleon's footsteps by train through Europe - the mix of travel culture and tips, geography and history is excellent... and the food and drinks very appetizing!
Hope you manage to film the rest - and once you're done with Napoleon perhaps you can find other historic figures to trace by train (Marco Polo? Genghis Khan?... if you're looking for an assistant I'm in!!!)  Happy Travels!
Olivier Bressard     France

I am planning a trip via Moscow and onwards to China, so I was disappointed that this taster stopped at Waterloo. There is great potential in this series, but a risk that you lose the real heart and joy of Man in Seat 61 i.e dreaming and discovering train travel, and planning our own rail trips.
The trains of course are the star of the show.
Nick Metcalfe United Kingdom

I enjoyed this pilot.  As a long-term supporter of the site, with 61 and who needs anything else in Europe?
I would have liked more about the railways travelled, the lines the stations etc.  The history and food bits are interesting but covered in many documentaries.
Look forward to a series.
Richard Reynolds  United Kingdom

Mark, excellent, good luck with obtaining funding, I hope you are successful. Get more train travel planning into subsequent versions!  My wife and I have travelled thru Europe 3 times since 2006, and your site has been most helpful.  On the last trip (April thru June this year) we took trains from Bucharest to Berlin, with stops at Brasov, Sighisoara, Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw and into Berlin!  Just fantastic.  We flew to Moscow - couldn't face the 20 hours and the numerous web stories re security were a concern.  We then trained from Moscow, up to St Petersburg, to Helsinki - wonderful, although the fast train to St Petes didn't really hit top speed too often.  Also did the Flambana up from Flam to Mydral, then onto Oslo.  Just wonderful.   Thanks again for one of the most useful web sites around.  john - a train travel tragic!
John O’Neill   Australia

I would def watch The Man in Seat 61 if the show went ahead
Una Kelly  Ireland

Excellent, interesting snippet. Really whets one's appetite for the whole series. Great to see the Man in Seat 61 getting the exposure he deserves as reward for all the hard work he put in in the early years.
Mike Seymour Germany

Been a fan of this site (, since last 4 years - when i accidentally found it while trying to locate alternate modes of travel between Netherlands/NL (Maastricht in March, 2007) & UK!
I have used the site umpteen number of times - to travel (as the latest travel on Sep 24 by City nightline from Amsterdam to Munich - did not know the difference between Couchettes and Sleepers) or also to do some time-pass.
I come from India and having travelled lots within India in the different classes of different trains, this site was like a savoury :)
Lovely executed video. Awaiting the full series. Of course, I cannot view it in NL, but would like it if you upload the entire series in your site or YouTube/Facebook!
Cheers!  Sibs Netherlands

Such a fascinating program. A great insight to Europe and the joys of train travel. My boyfriend teases me for having a favourite seat on the train and bus. It's nice to hear of someone just as particular!
Heather   Australia

Brilliant concept, can't wait for the series - please post when you have a date.
Although the Napoleonic Wars are a very good hook - do include the Peninsular Campaign and the TGV to Spain. Another idea is the Grand Tour to Italy the Artesia STENDAHL sleeper to Milan, Verona and Venice & the PALATINO sleeper to Milan, Bologna, Florence and Rome.   
Brian Cheater  United Kingdom

A very entertaining and informative.  Would enjoy a series of the same ilk.
In 2009 used trains to travel throughout  Italy, France, Switzerland and England.
George Webb     Australia

Doubt if I'll ever get to see the show here in Thailand but am hoping to travel the Orient Express route next summer overland to England. The video really made me want to be up and off right away - but I won't travelling first class though!
Pat Corey Thailand

As a train travel, food, and Napoleonic wars enthusiast this ticks all the boxes for me.  More generally however I completely agree with earlier postings that the Cranham/Smith combo works well -- enough info without overload and enough humour without being too jokey and determinedly populist, as such programmes too often are.  Frustrating not to have the whole thing: surely BBC4 or a quality independent channel will take this up?  
Colin Heggie United Kingdom

Simply outstanding. I hope to ride in 61 in December!
Mark Foster United States

Excellent film - the most civilised way to travel and the man in seat 61 is doing a great job
Tim Sherwood United Kingdom

Excellent show!!! I do hope this show is successful. Very well presented! I love trains too, my father worked for the Union Pacific railroad for many years, he started just out of high school back in 1951!
Chris L. Christensen United States

The show promises to be very informed and intelligent, judging from the pilot teaser.  I hope you can get it carried by a station in the U.S.
Michael United States

More please! Really looking forward to the full series. Any chance the series could feature advice and tips for travelling with young children? What about taking a folding bike? Inspirational. Not since the BBC series of the early 80s have I wanted to take a long train journey. My eldest son is besotted with trains and now I think we will be venturing further afield when we can. Thanks to you. Kind regards.
John Baron United Kingdom

Wow! I love it!!! I would suggest PBS in the USA.
Like many other people I have benefited from his information about trains in Europe and China.
I'm looking forward to watching the series.
Margaret Rafferty United States

Wonderful program!  Entertaining, insightful and great historical information as well.  I liked the almost documentary style of the program.  It makes you feel as though you are traveling along with the characters.  I am living in Brussels now and traveling to several other countries while here.  This type of program provides invaluable information; similar to The Man in Seat 61 website.  It was great to see the actual man in seat 61.  Also, Mr. Cranham did a great job; the two together are a wonderful pair.  I hope you will continue forward with this project.  Very useful information. Best wishes and much continued success!!
Karen Jones  Belgium

What a 'gem' of a programme! When can I see more?  Kenneth Cranham's laid back style was just perfect for such a laconic way of travel.  And then the man in seat 61 himself also - a 'god' for railway travellers - more, I need more.
Anne Orton United Kingdom

Engaging, informative and interesting. Gets the job done without boring or confusing people.
linda dobo Botswana

mark .. thoroughly  enjoyed the video  of your  trip  London  to Brussels,   do  hope that  u get to make it into a whole series ,  would be so interesting  to an old  70 plus Aussie like  me, have  enjoyed your  site  for  years looking at  what  i  could have  done in the past had i  won the lotto ????  No doubt you have had that comment before.
Graham pee

This is a lovely programme. It left me avidly anticipating the next legs of the journey. If anyone at the BBC is wondering whether to commission and screen this series, The Man in Seat 61, he say "Yes"!
Nick Tranter  United Kingdom

The best trailer I have seen in a long time.  What a delightfully great idea for a programme, fresh and informative.  I wish it every success.
Geoff United Kingdom

I would try WGBH Boston who brings us so many BBC/Masterpiece Theater productions. Then there is the US based Travel Channel which brings us such shows as Michael Palin, Sam. Brown orr Anthony Bourdain. Then there is the National Geographic and Discovery Channels.
 I have been on the old Orient Express form Istanbul to Paris in the 80s and was on the Moscow-Paris express the day after the Berlin wall came down and the conductor tried to confiscate everyone's luggage. Eurail pass or not those were exciting times with gypsies trying to board the trains at night to stuffing towels under the door in 1st class in Italy so the stink bombs would not go off.
Jon-Henri Bonnard  United States

looking forward to the next prog informative in both history and train travel.
Nigel Taylor United Kingdom

This is amazing! Really good for promoting trains again as a realistic way of travel. Wonderful! I went to all the countries and cities shown in the proposed itinerary, except Poland. Please try and find the money. It's really amazing!
Lucas Romania

Most interesting.  Can't wait to see the rest of the journey!  Has definitely whetted my appetite for rail travel through Europe.
Simon Samuels United Kingdom

Mark Smith's books and websites are very informative and I love rail travel.  This programme looks very interesting and I agree with earlier comments re Kenneth Cranham's and Mark's "double act".  I hope a full series is made.  I would certainly watch it.
Robert Day United Kingdom

Fantastic film. Great website. Inspires the imagination and makes travel exciting.
Kim Reeve Australia

We use the website whenever we travel abroad by train. It must be one of the most comprehensive sites on a specialist subject on the internet.
We wish you well for the possible TV series. It covers two very popular subjects for a television programme, Trains and Travel.
Excellent site excellent Video.
John & Suzanne Byford United Kingdom

I enjoy Mark Smith, and am interested in his new career advising on train travel through Europe.  You are a lucky one Mark!  We will watch any new episodes when they come out.
Jerrel John United States

I thoroughly enjoyed this pilot programme. I have always loved trains and would travel more often by train except for the expense! My ambition is to travel round the world by train (and a few boats!) - a bit of a challenge as I am wheat intolerant and food can be a bit of a problem when I travel (although Pad Thai in Thailand was a cheap back up when all else failed!) I am looking forward to the next episode of this and really hope the series gets on the TV.
Catherine United Kingdom

Lovely film.  But change the theme music at start and (especially) finish - more travelly and adventurey please. 
Next series: include the Damascus-Tehran line, including the train-on-boat Lake Van ferry crossing.
We followed Seat 61 and had a wonderful winter journey (icicles, warm duvets, night-time Cold War-style snowy border crossings) with the best company - Tajiks returning from Haj, friendly armed police, Baha'is translating for us).  And he was absolutely right about arriving 12 hours late.
Catriona Robertson  United Kingdom

In truth I wasn't expecting to enjoy this film but I became so engrossed that I watched it all.   I found it very interesting cleverly incorporating culture history along with the journey.  Well worth developing.
Chris Dove United Kingdom

I love the concept and would be very keen to watch a TV series of a great, practical website.
Here are my thoughts on the taster:
1. It would be good to see more of the 'planning' that is so valuable on the website, as a guide for travellers who are planning lengthy journeys.  Seat 61 is not just about taking a train, it's about finding information on epic journeys on all continents; this website has been invaluable for understanding Thai, Chinese and South American routes.
2. I enjoyed the history and travelogues of the cities visited, especially the 'insider tips' and would hope it could appeal to all travellers, not just rail enthusiasts; the TV show looks good, but is it only for certain types of travellers, when the website caters for all?
3. I like the hidden train information that's revealed - that you can travel on Eurostar in Belgium on the same ticket within 24 hours, for example. 
4. I'm all for supporting rail travel, and look forward to future, far-flung episodes, perhaps navigating South East Asian railways?
Emma United Kingdom

Please persevere in your quest for a suitable channel to broadcast your very informative programmes.  Excellent idea. With all the problems and aggravations associated with air travel in recent years, train travel should be promoted.  Hope you succeed.
Anne Platts United Kingdom

I am planning a trip to Russia by train in the near future and found this to be very informative and interesting I would love to see the rest of the journey to show me some of the things I can expect to see and do thank you
Steve Hamlin United Kingdom

This is something i would love to see on television. I've travelled on an interrail through Italy, Greece and turkey following 61's advice and info. Went around India by train and done the Bangkok-Singapore route. Love this!!!
Pedro Prata Portugal

Would be very interested by this series. Am a great believer in the journey being part of your time away and travelling by almost anything other than plane makes for a great journey.
Anna Perry United Kingdom

I don't watch television but programmes like this might make me change my mind. Good rapport and informative. De Hoef's open fire and the beef they were eating looked exquisite! I'm looking forward to what other gems Mark and Kenneth uncover!
Tim Hogg United Kingdom

What a fantastic journey, if only we take profit out of humanity and enjoy this earth in its wholeness leave the plane take the train
Jack Nouril United Kingdom

This is absolutely, conversation, views, information. It is so engaging. Please let us have some descent TV.
Lesley Rimington United Kingdom

More! More! More! I am coming to Europe in April 2011 and would love more advice and tasters to watch before I undertake this trip of a lifetime
Denise O'Hare  Australia

This is fantastic! Just what I was looking for to find out about train travel in Europe. The show left me with wanting more. Please send this show to Australia
Leesa Cooksley Australia

Good Luck with this one Mark - it certainly deserves a full run. Keep the title ..."The Man in Seat 61" will create interest too.
If I was being critical, I'd say that the programme needs to differentiate itself from the hundreds of other travel documentaries around. The 2 that have stood out for me recently were the Long Way Round / Down series and Michael Portillo's recent journeys around the UK by train.... what stood out in was the passion of the presenters. If you can replicate that with the Seat 61 series, you'll be onto a winner.
I like the idea of doing some "non touristy" things too - so keep that going.
Above all, find a way to promote rail travel. Let people know about the cost of each segment, the speed and just how easy and enjoyable it is these days to travel by rail.
If this gets aired, you really have a chance to change people's travel patterns. The BBC should pay for it as part of the government's CO2 emission reduction target!
Nick Hurrell  United Kingdom

Brilliant. A 'seat 61' series on TV featuring hero Mark Smith himself would be fantastic - I can see it becoming an establishment, like the old BBC prog Holiday. I'm still planning my first trip and would watch avidly! The time is so right for a programme promoting the alternatives to cheap flights - showing exactly what is available and how its done - and how enjoyable it can be experiencing the journey and connecting with the landscape and culture we are travelling in.
I would want it to show more of the how - the prior research, adding up the costs, a written plan of the journey stages, booking, en route working out timetables and fares in an unfamiliar language, working out the connecting trains across different networks, using the local tram/bus/ferry, what the overnight cabins are actually like to stay in, how to do it on different budgets, getting by on a phrase book etc. To make it really accessible to the novice. The holiday airport transfer appeals to many because of fear of all that! Show how it’s done; show someone inexperienced managing to do it and the confidence it gives them.
S Wild United Kingdom

Mark Smith's expertise is worth a programme alone and there are and have been MANY worse travel programmes on TV, most of them are nowhere near as well presented or produced.
What a pity that in days when amateurs appear to rule on the telly, something like this can't find a home.
Arthur Pickering  United Kingdom

Good luck....I shall keep an eye out for developments.
Madeleine Vose

It's amazing! My favourite website maybe now on TV! No British channels interested at? Try and offer your idea to Italian private broadcasting companies, as Mediaset Group or La7. Travelling abroad is a quite interesting item for us, and related TV programs are usually lucky, I really hope yours too!
Lorenzo Ricco Italy

It looks great; it's a great idea for a program. I couldn't watch much of it as it kept sticking, and the sound was stuttering. I was really pleased to see the man in seat 61; I use his website all the time as my husband will not fly. I always make his website my starting point for our holidays. I think the series should be very popular. I'm not sure about the music though that grated a bit.
Meg Fabien  United Kingdom

An excellent and engaging programme. Mark Smith and Kenneth Cranham make an excellent duo complementing each other well and providing technical detail and historic perspective of equal quality. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the second episode.
John Beattie United Kingdom

Great to see the man himself (in seat 61 that is), who has helped me make my way around Europe.
Go for it, trains the only way to travel
Sean Murphy Ireland

Used the website for many years und travelled in most countries listed.
Super video - Please proceed with the next series.
Markus Germany

I just loved it and look forward to the series. Keep the trains as the main actors and people will love it. The history is also very informative.
Johnny McCabe United Kingdom

This programme presents great potential to generate interest.  A large number of people are fed up with flying and all the hassle connected with it, not to mention the devious selling methods adopted by the budget airlines. Go for it and good luck!!
Colin Burley United Kingdom

An excellent production - appears to be designed to show how you can get around to various sites by rail.  I'd just love to see the rest of the series!
Jonathan Hayes United States

This series looks very interesting and well made.
The BBC travel series 'Great Railway Journeys of the World' of the late 70s-80s encouraged me to travel through the USA by train (Amtrak) rather than by plane. The 'Empire Builder' 'Sunset Limited' and the 'Zephyr' are all an unmissable experience.
With all of the hassle and regulations of travelling by air, more and more people are discovering train travel. I am sure this series will open up a whole new way of travel, discovery and adventures for a new generation of travellers.
Alan Wood United Kingdom

What a terrific idea. I think there is a huge demand for this sort of programme showing the alternatives to air travel emphasising the benefits of seeing exactly where you are going and the places you go through rather than fly over
Simon F United Kingdom

Thoroughly enjoyed it.
I wish you every success in producing a series for TV.  I should certainly watch it
Geoffrey Bunch United Kingdom

Great idea for a TV series, I also undertook a similar journey a couple of years ago, but the weather was better at the Lion mound on the Waterloo battle site. I also managed to request a beer at the Delirium beer bar in Brussels that they did not have in stock, amazing considering they stock over 200 beers. Look forward to the rest of the films.
STEVE MASON United Kingdom

Many thanks for that - it is very good but perhaps more information on the planned route would entice more people to take that journey.  Overall, thoroughly enjoyed it and can hardly wait for the "real thing".  Best wishes for the future.
Brian Mc Vanemy United Kingdom

This is a great pilot programme.

I love the concept of guests taking their choice of journey by train with the man from seat61. An expert on the mode of travel and an interested party on the proposed destination is a good combination.

A little bit more about the current trains and the history of the train lines and stations, even something more about travelling around the city by public transport when the arrive.    
Rory McMullan United Kingdom

G'day. I'm an absolute fan of travel and what to do in Europe. I'm also a retired film producer/director. If I were trying to sell the series, I would determine firstly what story I was trying to tell. Is this a story about Napoleon or getting to St. Petersburg? For me it's the latter. Tell me what I'm going to get for my dollars; show me the accommodation and food with cut-aways of the places one can stop in with a VO description. I would use graphics to show the progression with a faster music track. The name, 'The Man In Seat 61', is dull. Something like 'Rail Journeys a la Carte'.
It's a great idea though. Best regards and success.
Rob Guillemot. Sydney Australia
Robert Guillemot Australia


PETER  V.  DALE Canada

good film.
You can show it in USA on discovery channel
abcc United States

Fab! Hope it's a 'goer'
Nicholas Blair United Kingdom

I stumbled upon this wonderful website through a suggested resource in an article in the August issue of the Military Officer magazine by Lt. Col. Nancy Slicner, USAF-Ret. "Scenic Sojourns." Her message was "skip the airlines or road trip and take your next vacation by rail."

This is a wonderful, informative, and very creative website to be sure.  Although we don't travel very much, we would surely enjoy a TV travelogue series and be loyal fans.

Thanks for your knowledge, hard work, and efforts to help others discover parts of our beautiful planet.
Faye and Hal Bowring  United States

I think the idea is good and I enjoyed the "taster".  For me there was a little too much about food which although interesting is less important than the train travel and the history.
Gillian Mason United Kingdom

Bloody marvellous. I have always loved train travel, but was not aware of the scope and sophistication of European train travel. We have always travelled on tour groups, but are now looking at doing our own touring using trains.
Ted Elliott  United Kingdom

I think this site is excellent. It has recently helped me negotiate travel in Italy by train.
Good Luck with your plans for the series.
Sandra United Kingdom

Love the train and history stuff more of that
Maja Webster Australia

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to enjoy the train journey from Trafalgar Square to the Waterloo batterfield. I hope that the 'taster' is the first of the overland journey to St Petersburgh thus enabling people from distant lands to appreciate history while at the same time enjoying the countryside of each nation as we pass through by train. As an avid buyer of travel documentaries I would suggest that you proceed with the project and make it available to various national television organisations (such as the ABC in Australia) for viewing by the general public and for sale by DVD at their retail shops.
Thank you
Leon Fewster  Australia

I really hope this series does get made. I loved it.
Maria Patrick United Kingdom

Wonderful taster! Please do more.
AC United States

Please go ahead with this. Your site made my Asia travels so easy. It’s like having my Granddads train knowledge in a website.

Please keep it up
Sam United Kingdom

It’s such a brilliant idea. You could have a range of stars making their own journeys. Its culture, its history, its travel, its people. It’s got everything. And this seems very well produced and well edited.

Good luck.
Madeleine United Kingdom

Just inspiring. I'm seized by a desire to book my ticket (in seat 61, of course). Many thanks for the film clip.
Andrea  Australia

Being a fan of your site and BBC programs I found this to have good potential. For American audiences who would watch this on TLC or the Travel Channel they would probably find it too talky and over-long, not fast paced enough. Interesting recent travel show was Long Way Round with the actor Ewan McGregor. It kept you glued to the screen week after week. This program needs some excitement. Aside: I was on Moscow-Paris express shortly after wall fell whee female conductor tried to steal all the luggage. Neighbour doing the Glacier Express in 3 weeks from your site from his vac. home in Laax near Chur.
Jon-Henri Bonnard  United States

Dear Martin Smith
Thanks for a really interesting Pilot. I'm waiting with great anticipation for the next instalment.
I'm retired with an OAP Railcard living near Newbury Weber’s and at present I travel the Great Western region experiencing great enjoyment on single day trips and occasionally making a  several night break.
Thanks to you and seat 61 I've ventured to Paris, Lille and Montpelier in the last eighteen months and I'm debating whether I could manage St Peters-burg.
Would you know if there is a website or a blog for single OAPs and the like for added confidence when attempting European train travel?
Many thanks for "The man in seat 61" I even get great pleasure from visiting the site, sometimes for an hour at a time just dreaming of the many journeys I could make if only I was younger.
I wish you the greatest success
Brian Mason United Kingdom

I met you in the viewing carriage of the over lander train from Wellington to Auckland a couple of years ago, I think, anyway, you have been in my mind ever since and it is great to see you again in this clip. It gives buckets of confidence to a Europe train novice like me. Love to do the trip from U.K to Moscow. Cheers,
Malcolm Smith New Zealand

Wonderful! A real treat for travel fans.
Rado Bulgaria

Very refreshing and original take on the standard travel series. I would certainly watch this!
I can't imagine that no TV broadcaster would be willing to take on the show, but alternatively you could make it available online in cooperation with a sponsor?
Looking forward to hear more about this project in the future!
Mark Thijssen Netherlands

Appears enjoyable and very relaxed.  Would love to see more of this.
T. Pett United States

I love the website and this pilot was great.  I would watch this series.  Excellent job. Hope to see it one day soon.
S. Pett United States

Absolutely brilliant pilot!  I have been using Seat61.Com as a reference web site for about a year now and have enjoyed Kenneth Cranham's work for so many years.  So what an excellent combination and well shot and presented too.  My wife and I both look forward to seeing the finished product, and hopefully soon.
Phil Roscoe United Kingdom

The BBC should bite your hand off for a series like this.  It is what Public Service Broadcasting should be all about.
Best of luck
Ron Woolmer United Kingdom

Provides more than just railway information, it is like a travel programme specialising in transport by rail.
Hope it becomes a series.
Glynn Harby United Kingdom

I've loved train travel since I was a child, even though in recent years time had dictated my need to travel by air.

I believe that your proposed series has enormous potential to entertain and inform by sleuth...the latter not being easy to achieve.

Surely the OU/BBC or Channel 4 would be interested?

My best wishes for your venture.
Dr Peter Jones United Kingdom

Love it and would definitely watch a series if the format is as for this taster.
Please make sure it doesn't have that re-capping every 5 minutes that seems to be  endemic in so many programmes these days.
Liz United Kingdom

Very impressed by the pilot- I love train travel and have already found Mark Smith's book and website invaluable in travelling Europe with my family- SO much more exciting than mere flying where you are disconnected from the places en route. All the best getting the series up and running.
Dr Spencer United Kingdom

Marvellous programme. It was thrilling to see how an ordinary person can get to be an expert on something like rail travel which looks totally intimidating to us stay-at-homes. I look forward to seeing more.
Janet United Kingdom

Superb teaser. The ending left me eager for more, so fingers crossed for a series!
Hayley Clarke United Kingdom

I hope this gets a chance at being aired on television. Cheap flights and package holidays have their place, but The Man in Seat 61 offers something different and adventurous. Great film and a great website.
Richard from Nottingham United Kingdom

Really excited to see this, hope you get to make a series. Enjoyed Indian Hill Railways such a lot, and have an interest in sustainable travel and seeing interesting new places. Would be great to see a focus on unusual journeys, affordable trips, different food and culture and above all making train travel more approachable and accessible, particularly when it can be anything from a functional chore to a pain in the neck in the UK.
Nathan Nelson United Kingdom

Oh yes, a travelogue without the sugar, very enjoyable.
It bit more detail about the how to do it would be a great help, perhaps as a piece at the end a sort of footnote.

Would definitely watch a series, doesn't feel contrived.
Roger M EVANS United Kingdom

Fantastic pilot - would love to watch a series.... especially on my iPhone!!

I've used the website many times for travel between UK and Italy - very useful indeed

Good luck with the pilot - hope you get a series commissioned - i'll even buy the DVD Box Set when it comes out
Vincent Fallon United Kingdom

Looking forward to the series. It will, I am sure, be stunningly good, if this taster is anything to go by!
Stephen Carter United Kingdom

Great idea!  I'm looking forward to seeing it, followed by further series to Turkey and Iran, Switzerland and Italy and many more.
George Porter United Kingdom

Brilliant site and programme, have just used site to book travel from Paris to Venice by train. Invaluable advice.. Come on some bright spark in TV land give this bloke the break he deserves!!!
Judith Spain

Thoroughly enjoyed this show. The thing that I think separates it from others is that the journey shown is one that seems realistic - something I could actually do and experience. So interesting to watch.

It would be great if there could be even more places covered after you reach St. Petersburg.
Laura New Zealand

Hope this gets to be made, a wonderful taster and so refreshingly different from other T.P "entertainment".
Loved the taster and good choice in K.C as presenter/traveller.

The man in seat 61 is the reason I do not fly anywhere in Europe anymore, always by train, thanks for a great web site and hopefully T.P show to follow.
Steve Somers United Kingdom

I love this pilot!!!! Hope to see the series someday soon!!!....Best of Luck!
Mercy United States

Please let's see the rest of this trip, such interesting titbits.  And oh! All that train travel such a delight.
Chris Australia

I just loved it. I want the rest.
Judith Perks United Kingdom

I love the website 'The Man in Seat 61', Mark is so dedicated and clever, we will use it to quide our travels on our next European trip. A TV show based around the same theme would be just spectacular. I hope the TV series goes ahead, then I hope Australia picks it up. I'm sure there would be plenty of interested viewers over here as well.
Leonie Watson Australia

Loved it!  I would most definitely watch this on American TV!  What a great way to inform and encourage Americans regarding rail travel. I can't recall anything similar to this on American TV and I am a frequent Travel Channel viewer. Best of luck
Kelly United States

Loved your video cannot wait for the rest of the story!
Glenn Loomis France

Brilliant! Do hope the series will be made and shown on a channel we can all get! BBC3/4 to be transferred to BBC2/1, as was Michael Portillo's rail journey series, perhaps? Meanwhile, I will just have to watch the taster again---
Jan United Kingdom

I think this is a great idea and the trailer was great. This would go down very well with travellers and people interested in trains and holidays. hope it gets the nod.
Mark Hunter United Kingdom

Mouth watering slow food just like travel should be, looking forward to seeing the rest of the journey
Jonathan Mutton United Kingdom

Great film - seemed best thing to do was to tweet about it (see Hope you get sponsored.  Would be nice to know when the pilot was made though.
Tim Hubbard United Kingdom

a nice change from the usual "travelogue" feature, this time we actually see something of the surroundings. Even a regular in Brussels like me learnt something of the place.  Kenneth Granham is an inspired choice for presenter.  Obviously you would improve the sound quality in a series but this should show the BBC what they could have done with some care instead of the recent series fronted by Michael Portillo.  I hope a network sees sense to commission this.
pete starling United Kingdom

I liked it. Possibly a little slow for me in parts in terms of focusing on history, but that is probably just me. The speed of the Eurostar bit was spot on.  Nostalgia is good but this is the 21st century. Hopefully it will make the TV, when I will hopefully watch the series.
Stewart Edwards United Kingdom

Excellent! A series such as this would be an inspiration for many. Since finding seat61 website a number of years ago we've travelled regularly to Brussels, holidays to Cologne, Amsterdam, Berlin and this year we're off to Italy via Paris/Zurich/Milan/Florence and Rome! Travelling by train is part of a relaxing holiday and this series would be a wonderful promotion. Good luck and keep up the good work!
Tony & Carole Kaleda United Kingdom

Mark, you've come a long way since you were ASM Ashford all those years ago when I was busy answering public complaints in the old AMO Orpington!  Love the book and consult your web site a lot and am now considering a trip to Madrid on the hotel train.  OK, the film.  Very good, Kenneth Cranham is an excellent person to lead it; content is interesting and enticing and script is well written.  I think this could be quite a success if you can get it off the ground.  One small point, the channel tunnel shot showed a location that absolutely was not the channel tunnel and I believe there was a clip shown in reverse of a Eurostar coming out of a tunnel.  As one railwayman to another, please don't let this happen in a full production.  I may be a pedant but it is irritating!  Otherwise, the very best of luck.
Murray Motley United Kingdom

As a self-confessed addict of "Swiss Railway Journeys", I look for to seeing "The Man in Seat 61", and hopefully on BBC or Channel 4. Move over Michael Portillo!
Jim Monahan United Kingdom

"What's next... Where to next" Good food, history, scenery and people - getting there by train. This taster presents a relaxed, civilised and informative introduction which has the making of a great series. It makes me want to pick up my pack, book a ticket and make a journey of discovery. First I would like to see the series so I can discover local delights such as 'de hoef' and the best way to get there.
Michael Australia

I just found your site and am so glad.  I love train travel and as a Travel Agent I do help my clients travel by train on their journeys.  This site has some great info.  Thank you.
Ms. Dale Messer United States

I thought it was fascinating. We got an insight into European train travel, the secrets of Brussels and an educating History lesson.

More of the same please!!!!!
Tom Corcoran United Kingdom

Enjoyed it, and would love to see a whole series, maybe featuring various actors for various trips.
Long time fan of which I always use when planning foreign travels, as train travel is far superior to flying or car/bus travel.
Thank you for a brilliant web site, Mark Smith, and good luck with the show.
Joe Thornton Sweden

As a "Ticket Collector" I have been lucky enough to be able to travel across Europe since 1996 to far flung destinations such as Faro, Moscow, Bucharest, Budapest, Sofia, I find it hugely annoying when Im at Heathrow seeing such destinations on the departure boards and thinking "Why on earth are you putting your self through the hell of flying there, when there is such a better alternative". As my circumstances have changed I am looking at one final fling and that is taking the train to Bangkok...The film was fantastic and left me wanting more, all the very best.
Michael Allsopp United Kingdom

Am a huge fan of the website and was really pleased to see that you are doing a series.  The taster pilot was yummy.  The two presenters are pleasant and very watchable. The pilot reminded me a little bit of the old Michael Palin travel programmes which I love.  But the Seat61 pilot has created its own identity too.  It definitely gets my vote and looking forward to seeing the whole series.
Antonia Gaynor United Kingdom

I'm a great fan of trains, travel programmes, food and drink, and The Man in Seat 61.  So combining all four would leave one extremely delighted viewer and add to my "must do" train journeys.
Mike Roberts United Kingdom

Did exactly what a taster should do - whetted the appetite for the rest of the meal. Really hope you succeed in getting funding for this film - good luck!
Chris Priddey United Kingdom

Excellent and the possibilities for other interesting journeys are endless.
Brian Kennedy United Kingdom

I love train travel and dream to see all Europe travelling only with train or go to Uzbekistan or even Beijing........

Love this doc and hope to see the series as soon as it is possible.
Mircea Romania

I would love to travel with these two train enthusiasts! Inspiring and informative, I wish to start my own journey right away. I hope the TV series will be on Danish TV as well.
Ida Denmark

Great, a marvellous taster. I really hope this gets made. It makes you think about using the train more often I certainly will think about touring Europe by train. Lots of useful info on this programme too, about food, drink, where to store luggage, sites to see etc It would be so nice to see this type of travel programme as it shows us a different way to enjoy our holidays.
Irene Kennedy United Kingdom

Fab..... really enjoyed this taster. Love the website... can't wait for the series!
Dee Ireland

I enjoyed very much the clip. Wish you well in finding an outlet for this  quality piece. My feelings about rail travel are in line with yours. I got to experience rail in Europe in Oct 1989 visiting my son stationed in Germany a wonderful time.          
Travelled Amtrak and it is a great way to go but us Americans have a long ways to go. Hopefully we are starting to see   the benefit of a good frequent rail system. If we had something like what you are trying to do we could a greater interest for rail use.
Richard A Marra United States

If this pilot does not make a TV series I will have a hissy fit.  Your website is simply the best railway website on the planet.  May I travel in your seat one day!   I so want to go to Romania by train but the cost and travel from Scotland makes it too expensive.  Thanks for the help planning my trip. We'll do part rail.
Loraine United Kingdom

An unexpected enjoyable video; hope there’ll be some more.  I liked the Belgian restaurant as well.
Thank you for the walking instructions - Gare de Nord to Gare del'Est.  I'll try that next month.
Hilmer Napthine United Kingdom

Really interesting, well presented. Looking forward to a full series.
The opening Credits are a bit daggy though, could do with a bit of a re-working.
Tyler Australia

EXCITED!! How can I be on it?? I would love this challenge.
Denise T United Kingdom

I have been a long time fan of the website and used it many times, most notably for the Beijing to Xian trip. Love the programme - always pack a book and a corkscrew - is there any better way to travel??
Good Luck and I look forward to the series!
Ellen Keir United Kingdom

What a great idea - entertaining and informative on so many levels.  Good luck with finding a sponsor - I'd love to see the series.
Hilary Watkins United Kingdom

Absolutely great programme! Besides the train travel, it was so nice with the food and drink, and interesting excursion to Waterloo. I would definitely watch, and I think it could give train travel a boost. So please make the rest, I´d love to see the part through Belarus and Russia!
Magnus Hedman Sweden

I join all the other viewers in commending you for the work on this "taster", and would like to see the series become a reality.  Love the history titbits and the food. 
Muriel Thomson United States

This has a lovely gentle, steady pace.  Combined with Kenneth Cranham voice, it almost hypnotises you. Potentially a really fascinating and informative series. I would look forward to watching it. I would say it could do with appealing to the Ladies too because this one is very male, grey colours etc. 
Rebecca Bruce-Kerr United Kingdom

Great idea. Love it.
Rachel Parsons United Kingdom

This series would be a "God Send" for us Australians. The only way we can get first hand information of this calibre is to speak to someone that has travelled by train this extensively in Europe. This series would help us decide that train travel, in countries we didn't know a lot about, would not be so hard after all.
Brenda O'Brien Australia

Liked the history and interplay with the trains as the mode of travel. 
I would like to see a little more of the getting on the city tram in Brussels like they did when they left the restaurant.
I liked it.
Jerry United States

An excellent production. It feels like you are taking the journey with them. A natural and relaxed narration as well as the subtle travel tips given throughout the program whets the appetite for more.
Liam Doyle United Kingdom

Excellent.  And an amazing website, a real eye opener.  I am old enough to remember when flying was a quite pleasant little adventure.  Having seen the website I'm next off to Siena by train.  But I will have to admit defeat when visiting my grandchildren in Singapore!
Horton Rogers United Kingdom

Looks good, would lose the little naming captions though - they make it look less streamlined... But thanks for all the help on the website :)
J Lloyd United Kingdom

I'm from Australia. Travelling by train to another country just isn't in my schema of how to make one’s way around the world. Or at least it wasn't - until I stumbled across the Man in Seat61's website. It gave me the courage to explore the world, one train carriage at a time. It was a pleasure to see the website brought to life in this pilot. I would love to see the rest of the journey, and perhaps find yet more inspiration for my own travels.
Victoria Reynolds Australia

Brilliant, got to be made.
Brian Newbury United Kingdom

I really enjoyed the program and wish I could see more. I can't wait to visit Europe in the fall!
Josée Cayer Canada

What a wonderfully refreshing way of exploring Europe and its history and culture as well as publicising rail travel in all its forms; without again championing all that is steam. The BBC have entertained Portillo and rail, Mark Smith and his travelling companion have a chemistry far outweighing this. From an avid enthusiast, traveller and railway doctor, please let us see more.
Dr Rob Dallara United Kingdom

What a pilot. Calm, understated and hugely enjoyable. It's great to see Mark Smith getting recognition for creating one of the best travel resources on the 'net.
Tony Simister United Kingdom

The program is very good I will look forward to the rest of it and future programs. I like to travel by train because I work on the railway as a guard for the past 34 years
JP JACKSON United Kingdom

I would definitely watch the rest of this series. A unique travel programme.
Helen United Kingdom

Excellent! I enjoyed it very much and hope you expand this segment into an ongoing series.
Thank you,
Ken Spelman, Tucson, Arizona, USA

All of the above. Just what good television should be all about but is sadly lacking these days: informative, entertaining and enjoyable. Thankfully no orange-tanned presenters or gimmicky, brash graphics and music aimed at a shallow, 9-second attention span (the kind of stuff that's put me off watching television almost completely).  I like the portrayal of relaxed pleasure of going by train - FAR superior to the grim cattle market that air travel has become (but wish I cd afford Seat 61!) About time more eco-friendly, sane ways of travel like trains were given more air time. Looking fwd to the next leg of the journey! Hope you get backers to make the whole series. A winner
Linda United Kingdom

Fabulous.  More please.
Judith United Kingdom

Very good - I really hope you get to make a series.
John Brightley United Kingdom

Fantastic pilot, hope the series follows!
Tony Ellis United Kingdom

I can't wait to read your book when I get my hands on it. The website is fascinating and informative. Reading your article "All Stops To Jakarta" in The Age and from browsing your site I have a tremendous yearning to do what you have done and see what you have seen! One day!
Allen Chen Australia

It is great! I would love to see more of it. I really like Kenneth Cranham; I can really understand him well. It is very interesting, a good thing on TV in these days would be very important. I could watch all episodes!
Dominik Germany

Nice! Suggestion: inviting a (new) guest at the major stops to travel along with you for a short distance, who can add other perspectives and interesting stories.
Sb Netherlands

I’ve just finished watching your Taster show, and I’m left saddened that it’s not real and that there is no next week’s show to look forward too....I REALLY HOPE THE SHOW BECOMES REAL and on TV even better in HD!!

Would love to see Cities like Cologne and Lille, Seville and, Florence
Best of luck with the show
Mr Greg Leoni United Kingdom

Wonderful- hope we can see it in Australia. I have used the website for years to help with rail travel, particularly in Europe.
Congratulations-informative and entertaining.
Cath Morrison Australia

Great taster, have been using the Man in seat sixty for a couple of years now, we travelled from St Petersburg to Bali by train. Look forward to the rest of the show.  Good on you Mark!
Steven and Talya United Kingdom

They say the journey is more interesting than the destination (even if seat 61 is booked already)!
This great pilot demonstrates that well. Hope the real thing is coming soon!
Andrew Berry Australia

Excellent taster, when will we be able to enjoy the series ! Seat 61 is a brilliant website and it has been of much benefit to me in planning train journeys for many years. I'm already looking forward to the series. 
Andrew Evans United Kingdom

Absolutely fantastic.  You have to do it!
Bernie Green Australia

Very impressive... I just want to see the rest of the episode!  Good luck with getting it commissioned.
Bevis King United Kingdom

Loved it!
Taylor  United States

Looking forward to a programme. We love train travel and would like to do Singapore to London some day. Good Luck with it.
David and Joy Australia

When checking the website of The man in Seat 61 for connections from Sofia to Istanbul the very first time I discovered this inspiring trailer. I would love to see this as a cinema piece even or as you suggested as a series (what about the German-French TV channel ARTE, they would probably love to feature it). It is highly entertaining for experienced travellers (even though I know Brussels I've never been to the de Hoef) as well as motivating for "beginners" to start travelling. Moreover it encourages to see cities in a (historical) context and encourages you to draw your own city links. And now I really want to know what happens next in Cologne ...
Lena S.-G. Germany

I'm looking at doing a very similar journey next year, please make a full series!!
James Bartlett United Kingdom

I think the probability is a series would appeal most too over 50s. I enjoyed the Taster and would enjoy a series especially if the trips were ones which my wife and I would enjoy which would be European. We are within a few days going on one from St Pancras to Portugal with only one night on the train and the rest with 2 or 3 days at each major town in an hotel
Michael Duckett United Kingdom

Thank you Mr. Smith, this is a delight.
I can't wait to see more.  I deeply hope that CBC present your series.  It makes people dream to travel the world by train.  I will be an avid listener.
Jean Vaudrin Canada

Well directed and produced, refreshingly different an affinity of themes that blends culture, personalities, travel, food and trains into one fascinating and informative programme  
David Roden United Kingdom

The man in seat 61 is my favourite travel planner. Since getting hooked on the web site our travel plans have been radically changed. Travel by land and sea not air!!It's so helpful, thank you. I would definitely watch this series, let’s hope it goes ahead. Good luck.
Annie Heavyside Spain

Was planning a similar train trip after stumbling over the web site, better get a move on as I'm certain if this makes the TV than the carriages are going to be overloaded!

Michael Gallacher United Kingdom

Terrific idea for an endless series. Don't tuck it away on the travel channel though  - it should be on BBC 4 at least, so watchable online. Ken Cranham was a wonderful choice for presenter's friend.
Gareth United Kingdom

Very enjoyable, like a good travel programme, you could watch it all day
colm creamer Singapore

Great Web Site, great idea for TV series, I hope it makes it to Australia and to DVD Series for Rail Travel fans to keep.
David Davern Australia

A wonderful taste of what will be a great series.
We, far over the sea, envy the ability of Brits to be able to jump on a train and in comfort be transported to other worlds.
I avidly await the program and wish I could be with them for the entire trip.
Bev Greenway Australia

More please.
We love to travel by train and have used the website extensively to plan our European holiday from Berlin to Geneva via Prague, Istanbul, Athens and Rome. The show gives you a feeling of actually travelling with the man in seat 61.
Debbie Australia

Please get this added on to iTunes if you continue with the series
Jason United States

First Class! Right up there with Jonathon Dimblebys Russia & Michael Palins New Europe! Come on Discovery, Nat Geo or even FIVE Sign it UP! It is Mind-blowing! Good Luck.
Darryl Murphy United Kingdom

Brilliant! Fuels the imagination. I like the informative history mixed with the practicality. Very relaxed and casual and it leaves me desperate to see the rest of the journey. Very intelligent way of sharing each other's knowledge. Very original style. First Class
Alison United Kingdom

Excellent - I'll hire that man again !
David Evans Grenada

Excellent film. Would be the basis of a great series of travel programmes for a TV series.
Keith United Kingdom

I would love the opportunity to see more.
Cynthia United States

Great trailer cannot wait to see the next instalment. I hope that this will encourage people to use the great railway routes across Europe and beyond keep up the good work next stop st Petersburg d.v.
Martin Coker United Kingdom

What a brilliant taster to a fantastic programme.  It would be great to see a series of programmes follow
Sam E United Kingdom

Loved it!!

Was a really good mix of travel, history and city guide. Hope it makes it to a complete series.
Susan United Kingdom

A very enjoyable programme It deserves a wide audience.
Tony Weaver United Kingdom

Great taster - look forward to a main series
Top Cat United Kingdom

I enjoyed the programme very much. Loved the memories of train travel in Europe.
Polly Dixon United Kingdom

The guru of the Web comes to the small screen - delicious prospect. Do it!
David United Kingdom

What a cracker. When can we expect the full series
Bill Newton United Kingdom

I liked this pilot.  I have used the seat61 website for my travel in and around Europe.  It has been a big help.  I think this would make a good series.  Hope I will be able to watch it form the US.
Nicholas Ratcliffe United States

Very interesting, with volcanic ash cloud overhead, I don't want to book any flights, but could go by train/boat. Travel in Europe by train seems like a great idea.
MS United Kingdom

Good to watch, get it commissioned, it’s a no brainer and can be sold on to all the sat channels about travel,

Great work, keep battling
Mick Collins United Kingdom

I've often used the Seat61 website for travel planning. The taster pilot is absolutely fantastic. Please make this series!!
James United Kingdom

Dear Man...

I love it! There are so many train buffs, travellers--this should be a hit. Please show in the US too! Love your website and articles in the Guardian. p
Paula United States

The taster was most interesting and if this project proceeds it should be a most informative and entertaining series.
Peter Prangley United Kingdom

I have spent most of my working life in the airline business, but my first transport love was the railway, and the feeling endures.  The taster pilot was, as the Brits say, brilliant.  English travelogues have long been the standard, and the pilot was no exception.  We look forward to seeing the rest.  And we greatly appreciate Mark's fine work with Seat 61 website.
Rob Britton United States

You were able to convey the genuine excitement of rail travel, imparting much useful information without ever lecturing.  The features on the locations visited gave good overviews, whetting my own appetite to explore those places.
A full series could prove to be a very enjoyable viewing experience.
Philip Mullen United Kingdom

Have always loved this site.  Think the doco should be more travel/history and less travelogue - the fact that Belgium brews a lot of beer is hardly a revelation.  It's the love of trains and their continuing place and effect in history which would be the real hook for me
Anne Copley United Kingdom

I have seen this or part of it before somewhere.
It would only be improved by having other travellers in that seat opposite No.61.
Perhaps on all those other routes you are planning.
John Barnard  United Kingdom

Great!!  I am thinking of going to Italy by train.  This little clip has been it relisationable!
Christine United Kingdom

Mark Smith is a genius and his knowledge of rail and ferry travel is superb.  The pilot is tantalising making me plea for more.  But I have a stronger plea to you, Mark.  Please stop promoting your site and your knowledge and leave them as hidden jewels for discerning travellers to stumble upon or pass on through word of mouth.  If you don't then you (and I) will run the risk of not being able to sit in seat 61 in the future and surrendering it to a less deserving punter...... When do you intend to release the rest of the pilot and series?  ;o)
Mazen Khuri  United Kingdom

Loved a real flavour to travel in Europe and shows just how much more that you see when you don't fly!
Robert Evans United Kingdom

I was using Seat 61 to find train details for London to Spain but got sidetracked by this film.  I've thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Brussels and Waterloo while watching an informative and very satisfying 'taster'.   Apart from the History and Train information I also liked the unobtrusive background music and sound effects.  Kenneth Cranham has a beautiful clear voice and both men speak without rushing and shouting (as is common with travelogues!).  I do hope the series is made and look forward to more programmes.   
cherry cane  United Kingdom

Yes, really enjoyed it. There's a need for a serious program about making journeys by public transport. I'd like to see more about the planning and available options for the journey
David Henshaw United Kingdom

Oh yes ....please let there be a series I’ve just done to Serbia by train best way to travel meet so many characters and loads of adventures... I think it would be great so many people are interested in this sort of thing now I’m excited!!
Amanda United Kingdom

Very enjoyable, would definitely love to see it made into a series. The 'Man at Seat Sixty-One' website is so informative, my husband and I have used it many times and would recommend it to anyone. A much more enjoyable way to travel than stuck in a pressurised tin can at 30,000 feet! Good luck, we eagerly await the series.
Ann Jones United Kingdom

I think the man in seat 61 is a fantastic idea.(like the man himself said never travel without a good book and a corkscrew!!!)
Jayne Foster United Kingdom

Definitely a potential winner, it was with regret when the taster ended leaving me wanting more. Come on BBC you need this series.
Philip Lockwood United Kingdom

With help from The Man In Seat 61 last year I made the Moscow-London rail trip, and it was a great experience!  The idea of a TV series is really good, and the taster looks very tempting.  The TV companies should be falling over each other to take this on.  Good luck with the series, and thank you Mark
Ian Button United Kingdom

Brilliant trailer - looking forward to a series.  How about a complete channel devoted to railway travel !!
Martin Lane United Kingdom

Great idea for a series; good luck with it. If it goes ahead, you really must keep the excellent Kenneth Cranham - such a genial host from someone who can play a truly frightening 'heavy'.

Dave Fisher United Kingdom

Quite fascinating - can't wait for the next instalment! I would definitely use this site to research any future rail travel. A real find!
Dione Yegliss United Kingdom

When the series is made (as surely it will), can I offer my services as your bag carrier?
Take care - I love watching people eat but please don't fall into the trap of poking your nose into the kitchen - there's far too much of that already.
Tony Genower United Kingdom

I loved every minute of the taster, straight to the point, informative and with humour. You have my vote. Please make it into a series.
A boon for every serious rail traveller.
Kevin Langham United Kingdom

An interesting variation on a popular genre. Seems to be a great mix of rail travel advice & entertaining information. And have to say Kenneth Cranham does a great job as the "face" of the programme.
martin wood United Kingdom

In one word "brilliant" felt I was there with you

Trouble is when can we see it over here in NZ

My son is the scheduler of our local TV station but doubt if they could afford with their budget this tremendous film

Thank you for allowing me wanting more
David Beaumont New Zealand

Awesome!  Two of my favourite things: Trains + History.  Doesn't get much better than this.  Love it, please make it.
Luke Jozwiak  United States

What a wonderful pilot, I hope that you manage to maintain this casual but genuine feeling for this first (of many I hope) series.
Anthony Firth  United Kingdom

Marvellous! I love the combination of train travel and historical quest. Flying is such a hassle, yet I love travel & trains, which is what, brought me to the Man in Seat 61. Thank you for a fabulous website. Good luck to you in getting the TV series produced. Truly fabulous. I cannot wait to see the rest of this journey! Denise, NYC
Denise United States

Fabulous. Please, go for it!
Fiona  United Kingdom

Absolutely invaluable if you want to travel through Europe.
The Man in Seat 61 got me around the Czech Republic with no problems and I saw some beautiful scenery and remote lines.
Montenegro is next!
Dave Evans United Kingdom

Hey Mark, What a Great Video I just hope I can see the rest of this video :) It is excellent.
Neil Hall  United Kingdom

Great taster, I think that would be a good film to watch and the man at seat61 is great!
Adrienne Hunter  United Kingdom

Very enjoyable. Kenneth Cranham excellent as travelling companion to Mark Smith. Mark could be more informative on the rail interest. Hope you keep on track to full series.
Sean O Connor Ireland

Love this type of programme - an excellent example of the genre, I am currently using the site to plan a rail trip to the south and west of France. Last year it was Scotland.

A series of these programmes would be great for interest and inspiration.
Kathryn Jones United Kingdom

As an academic in Tourism I watched this pilot with critical interest. How you wished you were there! The show will appeal to far more than train enthusiasts alone. I predict the series would attract viewing figures from all ages. Indeed, the 'Slow Travel Movement' is undoubtedly the sustainable transport for tourists in the future. I await further instalments:) Martine
Martine Middleton United Kingdom

Really enjoyed it. You on to a winner here. Perhaps a little more detail (which you may have in mind anyway) re prices, deals etc. A wonderful way to translate a website into a TV programme while being true to the essence of both media. Well done
Brendan R  Ireland

What a wonderful idea, informative with a bit of history en-route, can't wait for the follow up.......

I'd also like to thank you for getting me of planes and seeing train travel for what it can be........exciting!
Mark Rome United Kingdom

I have used mark's website over and over and cannot wait to see the series. We now travel everywhere by train and it was a godsend when my husband had a heart attack -we were still able to go abroad.
Carol United Kingdom

Great idea for travel series.
Really enjoyed taster!

Discovered seat61 while preparing my London-Beijing trip 2 years ago. Would be delighted to follow Kenneth on his adventure and get some new ideas!
Neasa  Canada

This pilot is fascinating, hope you get the series made. As a long term Spanish resident, I must say that we have many good train services, but I often refer to Seat 61 website as it is so much more informative than the official Spanish site, RENFE!!!
sandy Matthews  Spain

Excellent, I have just rediscovered UK and European train travel, having booked two journeys this year through France. Good Luck with the TV Series. Have you thought of selling bonds or shares to the public, to help fund it?
Best regards,
Jeremy Fisher  United Kingdom

Fantastic.  I really, really hope the series will appear on UK television.  With a non-flying husband, travel by train is a necessity for many journeys and this taster gave a perfect insight to what such journeys can be like.  We both love train travel and, since discovering The Man in Seat 61, have found planning journeys so much easier.  The book lives by my bed and I enjoy just reading it even if not in the process of planning a journey.  Do please push for this series to be made.
Jo Gupwell United Kingdom

Brilliant! As good as I've seen, and I've seen plenty. Hurry up and get it funded.
Mike Jackson Australia

Great introductory pilot please make it happen. Very handy website for Kiwis not familiar with the various train routes of Europe. It would be great on our new travel channel being launched by Sky TV on 1st May in New Zealand.
Phil Parnell New Zealand

I like the relaxed pace, which matches the relaxed nature of train travel compared to flying.  This, and the emphasis on history, seems to make it well-suited to an older audience.  As such it makes a nice complement to what Global Cool are doing with their "traincation" videos, which I think are targeted at a much younger, fun-seeking audience.

As an environmentalist I'd like to see less emphasis on eating meat, but otherwise, really great!
Jonathan Melhuish United Kingdom

How to whet an antipodeans appetite for Europe, trains, Napoleon & Belgian beer! Well done! I am now salivating at the prospect of the Cologne to Moscow sleeper.
David Daniels Australia

I am in total agreement with other feedback left by others that this would form the basis for a really interesting series
David Pemberton United Kingdom

Fantastic!! We want to see more!
JP Belgium

Brilliant. Never been to Brussels but as I've been given a Eurostar ticket I think I'd better go and seek out the restaurant!!
Martin White  United Kingdom

Excellent idea, well made, and very entertaining.  All I would suggest is adding in a few more tips about the things you need to know when making the actual journey.  The bit about Eurostar tickets being valid on any train in Belgium for 24 hours was certainly not something I was aware of and the warning that the conductor might not know this was equally important !

Phil G United Kingdom

I just loved that taster... Can't wait for the rest!
Juliette France

An interesting and inspiring pilot that draws upon what travel is really about - people, places, food and the journey. I think it is a suitable "adaptation" of Mark's brilliant website. The two presenters work well together. I'd have to watch it again to offer any more critical feedback...
John Smith Australia

Hi there!

I love the idea of travelling by train and ship. Thanks so much for the website and now for this very informative film. Informative being the important word here! Look forward to more...
Lorella McDonald  United Kingdom

Fantastic idea - hope it comes to fruition - just happened to hear Mark talking on radio 2 whilst the volcanic ash was preventing flights.  Well done - really interesting! 
Sue United Kingdom

Brilliant!  Can't wait to see the series - I hope it's a go!  This is much better than "The Amazing Race" (which my kids love to watch), and your taster left me wanting more!  It also made me want to plan a European train trip as soon as possible. Our family loves to travel by train (though in North America we really need to upgrade to high-speed trains), so this series would be a real winner for us.  "The Man in Seat 61" can count on 4 more fans from Canada - and I'm spreading the word on this side of "the pond"!  Cheers.
Mary Frances Ellison Canada

Brilliant, I hope you can make a series!
Bxcolby United Kingdom

What a revelation, I was expecting yet another travelogue. How wrong I was. This is very informative in a relaxed style that leaves you wanting more. In bringing to life the journey possibilities offered through 'The Man in Seat 61' can only encourage travel by train.  I've thoroughly enjoyed the taster, where's the rest of the meal! 
Ian Ings  United Kingdom

This pilot was brilliant, educating and interesting !! i would to see a series based around this.
Andrew Cooke   United Kingdom

Great, hope the whole thing gets shown as it would entertain and inform. Vastly preferential to all the empty celebrity productions on TV these days.
Bob M United Kingdom

Yes! Yes! And yes! I loved watching the taster. I really hope you can make this into a series. The Man in Seat 61 is my favorite travel planner. I never lend it to my freinds, instead I buy them a copy.
Erica   Australia

You have my vote.  Look forward to a series.
Jim Waight  United Kingdom

Loved it - please make the programme! I always travel by train if possible and would love to know more about the places worth a visit near mainline stations in Europe.  Also really enjoyed the "slowness" of the journey - no frantic photography or unnecessary bad music.
Hilary   United Kingdom

Great, very informative. Can't wait for it to be on TV.  I am sure the Travel channel would love a program like this.  Ask the BBC (BBC3/4 do have programs like this). 
Martin Pocock  United Kingdom

Loved it!!
Am planning to emulate part of this journey in the early summer of 2010.
I have had your website recommended to me by two different people.
The pilot combines history, geography and food so well; I have always loved Kenneth Cranham's voice. Good luck.
Frances Wright  United Kingdom

This will make an excellent series. I hope each episode is an hour long.
Holding Wood United States

Simply excellent and a greater taster for what we imagine wil be a tremendous series.  Useful insight as we plan our trip from Chester to St Johann im Pongau in Austria then for week 2 near Orte in Italy then back again in June and July.  Thanks Mark for all your help in the planning of our journey
Steve and Kay Fletcher  United Kingdom

sound  needs to improve otherwise very good content. where to eat in brussels was good
john lister  United Kingdom

I found this an enjoyable taster and cannot wait to see the rest of the series.  It makes me want to go to Brussels now.  It was useful to know that you can use your Eurostar ticket for any train within 24 hours, I didn't know that so I've learnt something new.  I hope you manage to get the funding as I certainly will be watching the series.
Sue Jacobs  United Kingdom

What a great program!!! I would watch it without fail if I could and I think most people would too. Hope you get some funding.
Gerry Turner  Australia

Congratulations on a great web site. The TV Taster pilot is excellent. I would love to see a full series filmed and screened. This type of program could be sold worldwide and would add greatly to the Travel dialoguse available. I rate it up with "The Amazing Race". I do hope a way is found to continue on from the yaster.
Alan Verry  New Zealand

What a potentially great piece of telly; You have to do the Caledonian Sleeper. Looking forward to a proper series!
Paul Wilson  United Kingdom

I look forward to the rest, and the return trip.
David Rawlins   United Kingdom

Wonderful idea for a show ! And for those of us who travel a fair bit on the train it was particularly fun to watch as we could really relate (as we`ve probably been on the same trains !).
Leslie Scanlon  France

This is an excellent taster of what I am sure will be a fantastic series of train journeys. I love train travel and hope to do the Trans Siberian one day. It's certainly made easier by "The man in Seat 61" what a brilliant site. Well done Mark!
Chris Bevan   United Kingdom

Brilliant show, hope it gets to air, would love to see more of the obscure trips made into a program!
Well Done!
Samuel   United Kingdom

Like Palin's first trip but less contrived. Really well done! Hope it gets commissioned.
Tom Jones  United Kingdom

Captivating! We rarely find much to interest us on TV these days, but this series would be an absolute MUST. We'd particularly enjoy watching episodes including Turkish train journeys. This taster was fascinating; the chemistry between Mark Smith and Kenneth Cranham works well and makes you yearn to pack a bag and set off in their footsteps.

Train journeys, culture, history and great food... ah, what could be a better mix. More please!
William & Cynthia  United Kingdom

This was great and I really hope there will be a TV series. My husband dislikes flying but is an old railway man too and so hopefully this might stimulate his appetite for a bit more travelling. I was browsing the internet for how to get to Florence by rail and moaning each tme I ended up on a complicated site which didn't offer what I asked for. I was about to give up when I 'met' the man in Seat 61. What a brilliant site. With my pen and paper to hand I am doing my calculations and this time I might just get there. Wish me luck as I wish you luck with the website and the series.
Angela Darroch United Kingdom

What a thrill to see Mark and Kenneth Cranham in the taster. Brilliantly quirky to the general public and addictive to the enthusiast it is a winning formula for a great TV series. Good Luck.
Philip Morgan   United Kingdom

Wonderful! What a beautiful blend of travel facts, personal portraits and history. I couldn't have been less interested in the battle of Waterloo at the start of the programme but by the end I was mesmerised. Super stuff, well done.
Stephen Wheeler  United Kingdom

What a great idea for a programme combining travel na dhistory it would beat most of the rubbish that is produced thesen days. Myself and wife hope to travel around Europe by train when the kids have flown the coop and already are disciples of Mark's website so this program would be essential viewing for us.
Gavin   United Kingdom

Great taster pilot! When can we see it here in the US? I love trains!!! ;-)
Maria YS   United States

Outstanding!  I've used the website for various adventures for several years and this is a great way to highlight the glory of train travel.  Wishing we could see it in the States.  Good luck and carry on!
Ed Vermillion    United States

never been a brave travelor but this would encourage me to travel anywhere by train, its inspiring.
Ann Lloyd   United Kingdom

I love it. Anything that promotes train travel in a positive light is a wonderful thing. The film would be a hit for sure. Please make it :)
Thomas Woods  United Kingdom

Very enjoyable to watch.  I hope that it will be possible to produce the series.  I had your book sent to me across the pond and would recommend it.
Mike   United States

Great you have a winner I am sure the travel channel in the us would want it its better than many of there shows.Good luck with project Rick Middleton Dallas,Texas
rick middleton   United States

Congratulations for a great idea!  The "taster pilot" has been very tasty!

I also have a special love for trains ever since I was a child. In fact I have promised myself to not to take any more planes if I can help it. And searching the internet, I found you -The Man in Seat 61- what an excellent page! Thank you very much.

I would love to see the Transiberian route -ship included- all the way to Japan in the series. It is one of my many dreams to make that journey.

All the best,
Paz Carretero   Spain

What more could you want - an entertaining journey, good company, good food and beer and the opportunity to get one over on the French. Please show us more.
Geoff Smith   United Kingdom

What a brilliant "taster"to what would be a refreshing and inspiring TVseries. I find "The man in seat 61 " website truly fascinating and it gave my husband and I the courage to travel to Rhodes by train and ferry,made simple by Mark Smith.This series Iam sure deserves prime time presentation. waiting in anticpation. Patricia Dodgeon.
Patricia Dodgeon   United Kingdom

What an inspirational film! Thouroughly enjoyed it! We stumbled upon it researching our own travel ideas. Would love to see more of it! All the best -
Anja & Brandon   United Kingdom

An appealing way to travel, it makes the journey from A to B so much more enjoyable, it certainly is for the adventurer,can't wait to see the series.
Peter Treasure     United Kingdom

It would certainly make an interesting series.  My wife and I would really like to travel through europe by train.  The cost has always been the problem but we always try to take a short train ride when we are abroad. As we are now pensioners I think it is time to take the plunge.
William  (64)  United Kingdom

Thanks, Excellent programme.
I hope programme to be continue for successful.
Shen Tai-Sheng    Taiwan

Very enjoyable, I would love to see the entire journey.
Pietro Ferreira    Brazil

I think this would make a great series - especially if it featured a different 'celebrity' journey each week. Anything that highlights to the masses how easy and more pleasureable travelling by train is (versus flying) gets my vote.
Sarah Lloyd-Scott    United Kingdom

Wonderful-hope it gets commissioned. Stress the advantages - no awful queuing at airports, cramming into a tiny seat, having some bloke's head practically in your lap because he's put his seat back-and, yes, you can take what you lke on board, including a corkscrew!
Ros Napier   United Kingdom

Stumbled upon the man in seat 61 site a number of years ago and can say without doubt it is a invaluable resource put together by a railway professional! Recommend it to anyone who wants to travel in Europe by eminently civilised form of transport compared to the plane! I had often thought a TV series would be a good idea and here we have it. Hopefully the BBC will be interested so we can be saved from having the programme peppered with adverts. Good luck finding a collaborator and look forward to the first full transmission!
Barry Shirfield   United Kingdom

I thoroughly enjoyed the video, I hope the programme is screened soon. I am thinking of travelling to the Algarve by train because I am fed up with air travel.
Simon Hudson    United Kingdom

inspiring and compelling
Awaludin   Indonesia

Good on yer Mark! I´ve used your page so many times and spoken, via e-mail, many times and you´ve always been so helpful, efficient and quick. I wish plumbers etc were like you. I´m really pleased that it all seems to be coming together after so much hard work.  Good luck and safe travels. Seagull.
Seagull   Spain

The best travel is prepared travel with the accidental, unexpected find the icing on the cake.  This pilot gives a different view of Brussles as a place to visit, not just a place to pass through.  And showing the ease of visiting Waterloo via local train and cab was also a plus.  I wish them the best is making this a successful series.
Paul Resch   United States

Great... when can we see it here in the states?
John Sprague   United States

We have looked at trailer. The taster looks to have good, across the board appeal.Mark Smith has outsatnding knowledge and Kenneth Cranham fronts it well. we look forward to the Series
David Evans   United Kingdom

I enjoyed the pilot very much, can hardly wait to see if it becomes a series on American T. V.  Good educational program.
R. Allen   United States
Brilliant. I loved it! There is no greater romantic journey, to me, than to ride the rails across Europe...which is exactly what my family and I are planning to do next year. I hope that if future episodes are produced, Mark will  consider showing them on his website. I am just beginning to explore your site, but already it feels like cozying up with a good book on a rainy afternoon. Thanks for the extensive work you've done to create such a comprehensive site.
Mala Meehan  United States

The idea of settling back into my seat on the Eurostar, and setting off to Brussels Midi, change for wherever, brought a smile to me immediately. I am looking forward to this series coming to fruition - perhaps I will be following in its wake some day. Best wishes for your production!
Bob Watt   United Kingdom

I really hope this series is made.  I first travelled to Europe by train in 1982 (couchette from Paris to Nice then on to the Italian riviera).  Eurotunnel has revitalised railtravel and I have recently travelled Plymouth to Padua in just 20 hours and would recommend anyone to consider the modern rail option to Europe.
However,the 'foody' aspect is off-putting and boring. 
Trevor Bushell   United Kingdom

A big fan of Mark Smith and Seat 61 for many years. It is great to see him getting wider recognition. I too would watch the whole series should it be made available, be it on TV or via DVD etc.
Trevor Heath    United States

I really like this short clip fo the Man in Seat 61. Great historic angle of this show tracing Napolean's tracks across Europe via Railways. Please let me know when the series will be available on DVD or TV in the States. I look forward to viewing the rest of the show.
Greg    United States

O' dear this could lead to crowded trains. Having been brought up to enjoy rail travel, Only now starting to appreciate the links from Ashford (Kent) since Eurostar arrived.  It now looks like you are aiming for mass transport around Europe and telling eveyone how easy it is.

Good look with the series, glad to see your pilot is different to the 'Swiss Railways' series. Good mix of destination and the practicalities of how to get there and use the differnt railways.
Phil Kelsall  United Kingdom

Utterly brilliant!  It's wonderful for Mark's amazing work to be recognised and I would love this series to take off and run fully.  I will be watching and waiting with baited breath!  Now, where's my European Rail timetable....??
Margaret Anne  United Kingdom

Excellent, really enjoyed it. Probably the only thing on tv i could be bothered watching
alan reilly  Ireland

great stuff. good luck.
Tim Wilkins  United Kingdom

First of all, thank you Mark for your quite resourceful website. I am so happy to have found it several years ago and used it whenever I planned train trips, including the one from Paris to Vladivostok which is still on planning stage. I enjoyed very much your taster pilot clip with history and food (!), both of which I am very interested in. Can't wait to see the rest of the train journey !! Very best of luck to you !!
aelim chi   South Korea

I found this taster interesting and full of useful information. The film was well shot and the sound track was not overwhelming.I hope you manage to get the funding for what could be an award winning series.
Bob   United Kingdom

Last year my wife and I were told by a well-known travel company that because I am disabled it would not be possible for us to travel by train to Amsterdam.  We contacted The Man in Seat 61 and Mark Smith's helpful advice gave us the confidence we needed to make the trip.  We were helped on the trains and at every station; the trip could not have been easier. 

So I am thrilled to see this taster pilot and urge Guerilla Films to complete the series and give many more people the desire and confidence to travel abroad by train.
Alan Robertson   United Kingdom

Great stuff! I really want to see the next leg so best of luck getting it comissioned!

The gentle pace is so much better than most of the nonsense on TV and, together with Mark's laid back-yet-informed demeanor, exudes just the right character for train journeys. Kenneth is great, although a little bit of me thinks I'd like to see someone younger - if only to suggest that you don't have to be old and at leisure to travel this way. Perhaps on another journey the 'passenger' could be a young family (Mark will know all about this too!)?

I've travelled on quite a few long-distance European train trips and, rather than focussing to much on the history lesson, I'd like to see more of the journey itself. It's a critical part of the holiday when travelling this way, and it's what distances it from air travel. By this I mean the logistics and options, where you are on the map, the changing scenery, the service, comfort and food (or lack of) and Mark's handy tips.

On a technical note, I really hope you can keep your images as steady as possible (please use steadicams!). Part of the reason I prefer to travel by train is to avoid travel sickness; hand held cameras have the same effect, so unfortunately have me reaching for the off button within seconds!

Anyway, if you need anyone to help carry the camera.......:-)
Richard  United Kingdom

This is a great concept. I trust that someone will commission it. Train travel is on the increase so we need a good modern documentary. It's been years since "Great Train Journeys of the World" and the popularity of that series guarantees "The Man in Seat 61" will be a success.
Abdul Haqq  Australia

Now, we can finally put a face to the famous Man in Seat 61. Anyway, you have done a fantastic job in introducing the train travel in Europe, especially along the iconic London-St Petersburg route. It makes me want to travel around the continent soon. Via the Eurostar, of course. The pilot has whetted our appetite for more. Hope to see the TV series soon, although I am not sure if we have the privilege of doing so in Singapore.
Gary   Singapore

The Man in Seat 61 has absolutely earned the right to a larger audience, and a television series would be a great way to accomplish this.

Kenneth Cranham is a silver fox.  I am so glad the series will feature him over some barely post-pubescent young goof (all the rage in Canadian TV).
Andrea C. Canada

Excellent. What a terrific idea for a series, which was quite well done in the pilot. I have been a fan of the Seat 61 website for some time now, and the concept of blending Mark Smith's outstanding rail travel knowledge with a travelogue-style program, is first rate.

Here in the US, we have a very popular European travel series hosted by Rick Steves, which runs on PBS public television. It is one of PBS' most popular and long-running series, and is used by many PBS stations in promotions for their member funding pledge weeks. Steves has long included rail travel segments in his series, but they are not the key focus. Since other rail travel series like Great Railway Journeys are also popular on PBS (and also frequently used for local station pledge drive promotions), this pilot points the way to a terrific hybrid concept. I would see PBS affiliates really liking the concept, and the execution in the pilot is very much in the style, feel, and literate pacing of the programs they broadcast.

My only suggestion would be to focus more on more of the nuts-and-bolts details of train travel in Europe. Focus on the practical details of European travel, in combination with sightseeing and cultural content, is a big part of what has made Rick Steves' series so popular here (and led to an entire very popular related print guidebook, guided tour and licensed product business). It's what also makes the Seat 51 website so worthwhile. Mark Smith's content on the website is first rate, but there's nothing like actually seeing those details shown in video to help one understand better.

I hope this series reaches production and distribution. It would be an excellent and most enjoyable contribution.
Mark Cedeck   United States

Great pilot. Good luck with the TV companies -surely one of them will see what a great programe this could be.
Keith  United Kingdom

Great start to a potential series.  More of this would be great.  I would definitely have more interaction with people met along the way to add some entertainment and humour along with all the great information.  You want that feeling on spontaneity too I think.
Russell Minton   United Kingdom

The film was excellent but I was really disappointed when the credits started running. I'd forgotten that I was watching a pilot for a series that hadn't been made yet. I can only offer thanks and the best of luck for the funding.

btw seat61 website has been on my favourites since I found it while searching for the Trans Siberian Express years ago. I have referenced and credited it in my recent project for costing and planning the TSE for my University access. Thanks!
Cameron Seddon  United Kingdom

Good Job !
From a railfan perspective, it would be nice to see a bit more of the behind the scenes operations of the various european railways.
From a travelers perspective, it would be nice to see a bit more of the various unique local cuisine.
Good Luck !
Philip    United States

A terrific taste of what I hope will be a series. Kenneth Cranham is an actor I have long admired and makes an amiable host. I would welcome even more details on the nuts and bolts of European train travel: for such a series this is even more important than the sights we see along the way.
And, please, keep that background music way, way, down.
Matthew O'Sullivan  Australia

I very much enjoyed the taster.  I'd undoubtedly watch a series provided the series continues its emphasis on rail travel at the level depicted in the taster.
Very nice.
Don Hall  United States

How may I book travel with you? You have made me long to experience Brussels, to eat the food, to enjoy the conviviality of traveling this journey to the Burg of St. Peter. Please let all us know when we may complete this odyssey.
Dennis  United States

An excellent start to a interesting series. Will it be available in Canada?
David Brighten  Canada

I like it! Please make it a series. I would also like to see it available online as an alternative to watching it on TV. I frequently peak into The Man in Seat 61 website to stay up to date on world wide train travel.

David Clinton United States

I think this would make an excellent programme, potentially historically interesting and also open people's eyes to how rail travel across Europe can be used! I myself used the Eurostar to Brussels and on to a further station in Belgium on a business trip a few weeks ago, so easy and so much more relaxing than fighting on and off planes at ungodly hours!
Roger Baker  United Kingdom

The pilot was brilliant, all the best with getting funding for the series. I think Kenneth and Cranham do a great job. They make me want to rush out and go travelling. The food angle is good too; it also made me very envious. It’s nice to see 'The Man in Seat 61' being successful.   
Tom North     Australia

Brilliant stuff! I’m gagging to see the entire journey now.
Matt   United Kingdom

Fantastic - I want to watch the entire season right now and then head for the station!!
David Arbaugh  United States

Well introduced and a good mix of practical travel with places of interest. I am left wanting to see the next leg of the journey. I am hoping that there is plenty of 'how to' so the lay traveller feels able to embark on such a journey.
Simon Carlisle  United Kingdom

Brilliant. We have the book and use the website to see the programme would be an inspiration for our future travels. Will watch the programme and eagerly await the DVD.
Julie  United Kingdom

Very interesting, would make a good series on TV more interesting than a lot of the rubbish we are given to watch these days
David Howarth United Kingdom

Wonderful. I really hope this can be made into a series.
Doug  United Kingdom

Excellent pilot - it would be a crying shame if there was no follow-up series. 

As a big fan of train travel myself (and an almost apostolic advocate of its joys) it would be good to reinforce the advantages of it, to try and convert those who still insist on flying.  The sense of journey is very important and really comes across - and the exploration of Brussels and Waterloo, taking in its sights, culture and history was wonderful - but more emphasis could be made of benefits like the reduced carbon footprint (it's staggering how many flights go from London to Paris, given that it's slower than taking the train), a more relaxed atmosphere, hardly any hassle with customs or border control, engagement with often stunning scenery, and a sense of relationship between time spent travelling and distance travelled (which is nearly completely negated by getting on a plane, disappearing into the sky, and re-emerging a few hours later, in a slightly disturbingly anonymous way). 

The character of the programme was charming, and that definitely mustn’t be compromised, but questioning or discussion on why people's first instinct is usually to fly when the train is so often a superior alternative would be welcome, if it could be integrated.
Jack  United Kingdom

Excellent----- showing how relaxed and scenic rail travel is across Europe. Did inter rail in the 80s and will take my 2 sons by train across Europe this summer. 
Richard Hirst  United Kingdom

This MUST be made into a series. Turning travel into a journey...brilliant.
Thomas  United Kingdom

As a travel agent in the USA I found this pilot not only extremely interesting but also a useful tool for myself and my clients.  Kenneth Cranham's voice and personality makes this video extremely appealing.

I truly hope this series airs in the US.

Recently viewed miniseries Spain -On The Road Again w/Mario Batali, Gwyneth Paltrow & Mark Bittman which I thought was wonderful however I found this video to be more intriguing.  
Margaret Giarrusso   United States

I really enjoyed this taster documentary. There is a chemistry between the man in seat 61 and Kenneth Cranham which is a joy to view. I hope this turns in to a fully commissioned series.
Edmund O'Leary United Kingdom

Very enjoyable, great advert for train travel - would love to see it on TV. BUT, like many programmes today, some of the back ground music spoils the dialogue. I know some people love such music or don't find it intrusive or a distraction but others do. Let the pictures and the dialogue speak for themselves..
Ian Provost  United Kingdom

A wonderful development - congratulations!  I really do hope a complete series of episodes are made as soon as possible; I think a wide range of people from many different backgrounds from many countries will enjoy this kind of programming.

Very best wishes.
Graham Shaw   Cambodia

The pilot was excellent. This would be a quality program, come on BBC, commission it!
Phil Crane   United Kingdom

Excellent... should be easy to get a sponsor... once the Yanks see this they will understand the glory of European train travel.  Better yet.. perhaps it would encourage Amtrak for a long overdue Upgrade!

best of luck... great show.
Kathleen Brennan   United States

Really enjoyed this and looking forward to the next leg as we have already done this leg and are travelling from London to Berlin via Cologne, Vienna and Prague in June 2010 following inspiration from your website.

Have you any tips for us?

Kind regards
Paul and Debbie Dennett   United Kingdom  

Great pilot, please get this on TV as soon as possible.
We have just completed our first ever train based holiday in Germany and Seat61 was used as our starting point. It proved pretty well faultless in its advice and I have now got the book from our local library as well.
well done!
Ron Stephens   United Kingdom

I love it! The whole pace is just like train travel - thoughtful and gentle roving across the countryside :-) Kenneth Cranham is a great frontman - and Oh! how fantastic to find The Man in Seat 61 joining him on the journey!
My only regret about your proposed trip is that you can't stop absolutely everywhere along the way.
A great extension of your much-loved website. Thanks :-)
Julie Hansen  Australia


Excellent! Just loved it. Would eagerly await for it to be made in a series. All the best!!
Shaiq Ali Khan   United Arab Emirates

Very good,but.........

Too much of a travelogue.  More on train travel & its delights needed.  Many people do not understand the total relaxation one achieves by train travel, & that train travel is part of the experience, not a means to an end!
Peter Lindon  United Kingdom

Love it! This would definitely convince people to travel more by train instead of flying and the show seems just great. It can without a doubt find viewers considering the increasing environmental awareness in society. Do it now!
Catherine  Sweden

Wonderful segment. I am hungry for more. In America, we do not have such opportunities for great rail travel as our rail network is inferior to that of Bulgaria. The seat61 web site is fantastic and a program on various journeys is a dream come true. Cheers, Arthur
Arthur Moscato  United States

I've long been a fan of 'the man in seat 61' and it’s wonderful to have a 'behind the scenes' view. Rail travel to me is by far the smoothest, most nostalgic and often-times quickest form of land travel available, and a documentary like this would be well loved by many enthusiasts. As mentioned in the film, you feel like you've really 'arrived at a place'. Am hungry for more!
Steven Jones   United Kingdom

Hope you can do this series, and I hope I can watch it in the U.S.  Love your website.  And endless inspiration.
Dee  United States

Very good.  Try not to get close-up shots of Kenneth Cranham‘s glasses from behind.  I would prefer more information on how to get tickets, how to source the best prices, what choices there are for sleeping etc; all the stuff the website does interwoven into the story.
Will Allen  United Kingdom

This show could be a real hit in the US.  I can think of AT LEAST 4 cable (non-terrestrial broadcast) channels which would take this and run.  Also, this could be a GODSEND to our PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) which often shows "British stuff" including mysteries, comedies, etc.  One of our networks showed both of Michael Palin's shows of this genre. (Around the World and Pole to Pole) If I hit the lottery, expect to be contacted (GRIN!!)
Chip Byers  United States

To reinforce many of the comments---- absolutely brilliant and the prospect of a series is awesome. Just hope it happens. Seat 61 is inspirational and, as a rail enthusiast I use it constantly-- just back from a Bangkok/Singapore rail journey. Wonderful! Meeting fellow travellers and  employees of the railways is so rewarding, and a few contributions from them in a series would provide another dimension.   
Hugh Hunter   United Kingdom

Excellent.  I can't wait for more.  Please contact PBS in the States for distribution over here and perhaps even funding to get going.  Thanks.
Bruce Lyons United States

I took an amazing overland trip from Orkney (Scotland) to Bangkok travelling through Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam and Cambodia.  I didn't do it because I'm worried about climate change and the environmental damage of aircraft, I did it because trains are the best way to see the world and meet people from all culture and creed.  The Man in Seat 61 helped and inspired me a great deal and I would love to see it on TV. 
Dave...?!?!  Get is sorted!
Ross Cowie   United Kingdom

An intriguing preview; I will definitely watch this if it is aired in my country.
Satoshi Tohda  Japan

Congratulations, an excellent pilot that, through its fresh, laid back and atmospheric approach makes us want for more and more.  We do hope that it is successfully adopted and that we can travel the world with Kenneth Cranham and The Man In Seat 61! Oh, and bon-appetite!
Ray & Ann Martin  France

Excellent! Was most disappointed when the trailer came to an end - thinking "that can't possibly be 18 minutes!"  Hope it's on TV soon - BBC or somebody else would have to be mad not to snap it up!
Paul McElroy  Spain

Very good, much more relaxed than Portillo on UK rail. The use of local rail in Belgium for exploration should be an inspiration for people to see much of Belgium.
Doug Morgan  United Kingdom

Excellent idea for a TV series. I really enjoyed watching that little taster, I didn't want it to end. Full of interesting facts and most entertaining. Would love to see the rest of the guys' journey to St. Petersburg. I only recently stumbled upon the Seat 61 website and I'm so glad I did. I really hope this series gets off the ground and is screened in the near future. Thanks for the taster.  Well done and the best of luck with it.
Emily Keenan  Ireland

I love travel doco's and have seen many on the TV. This one is certainly a good quality production and has an interesting approach with the train travel focus.
Great show and I think it is a winner for TV series! Keep up the good work.
Michael H  Australia

Great film, I like the concept, trains, good food, beer, good company and history.  Seems to me that you are on to a winner for sure.  I sincerely hope it makes it to the small screen, very best wishes.
Robin Davies-Holmes   United Kingdom

I've long been a fan of the website (and a frequent rail traveller), so it's great to see the idea brought to life for television. I hope you manage to get funding to make the series!
Simon Heywood   France

Excellent, and above all the music does not drown out the dialogue as many series do these days.
If the rest is put together like this taster I shall watch it many times and possibly take the train myself to St Petersberg
Geoffrey Buckle   United Kingdom

About time! Love the pilot and when does the proper series begin? We are regular users of The Man In Seat 61 and have been planning our 'Big-Global-Adventure' by rail (and a little bit of sea) for some time now.
Really looking forward to the real show beginning,
Melissa & Luke  United Kingdom

Very inspiring program! Looking forward to seeing this on the TV series!
Miro Hacek    Slovenia

so far what I have seen is great please lets see a full series and add stories from around the world
paul burgess   Australia

Well made "taster" programme. Discovered the book last year and had our first rail holiday through Germany. This programme shows us how much more there is to enjoy. More information about the actual train and travel as well as destinations would be helpful. We followed up Mark's recommendation of the bar in Munich station and enjoyed an excellent meal and glass of beer. Would like to follow up on more recommendations! Go for it!
Dianne & Marko Piplica  Leeds  England

Excellent viewing. As someone thinking of travelling to Moscow and St Petersburg by train later this year, please, please get the rest on the telly soon!
Heather  United Kingdom

Would gladly follow you to St Petersburg and beyond.
Thanks for your website I have used it on several occasions for travel and studies.
We love travelling by train and have happy memories of journeys in Peru and India.
We want to follow your silk route and go to Lhasa then overland to India and back via Pakistan and Iran. Do you have any knowledge of the Lhasa train with regard to travelling with children and possible altitude sickness? I know this journey sounds like a bit of a mission but we would take our time.
Any advice would be appreciated and thanks for the pilot.
Maggie March  United Kingdom

Excellent! Please, just do it: I can't wait to continue the journey. It shows a good European feeling and a great way of travelling. Well done!
Antonio De Vecchi United Kingdom

J M Gold   United Kingdom

You're beginning to make Tony Wheeler (he of Lonely Planet fame)look rather jaded!
Seat 61 is a great website; if you and Guerilla Films can produce consistently good material such as this, then you're onto a winner.
Please get this journey (and subsequent ones) onto DVD asap. I'll even write a standing order- if you need finance then start selling us some shares :-)
Best wishes Andrew Kidd
(just finished my night shift on the Settle-Carlisle line.)
Andrew Kidd  United Kingdom
Excellent taster for a series. Looking forward to additional segments of your journey to St. Petersburg.
Arnold  United States

Mark this is first class, roll on a full series.
Cheers  Andy
Andy Brown  United Kingdom

I did wonder about Ken Cranham as presenter, but he brought so much enthusiasm and colour that I wanted to watch the next leg of the journey. Excellent programme and I hope there will be more.
Simon Moppett
Conservative Transport Group    United Kingdom

Very interesting. Would like to see a little more on the history of the lines covered but it's a definite "not to be missed" if it (hopefully) gets commissioned as the first of a long series.
Gerry Crease  United Kingdom

Fantastic! I hope the series will be produced - and aired on a TV-channel that can be received in Norway!
Stein S. Eriksen  Norway

Would you believe, sent to me (by a Limey) from Canada. I found it compelling viewing and hope it becomes a series. However my own experience of rail travel five years FIRST CLASS in the early 60s with British Rail, were not conducive to my becoming a fan of rail travel. Never the less having circumnavigated the globe several times as a tourist I am aware that it can be entertaining, and I certainly enjoyed both the Euro to Paris and the Bullet from Tokio,not to mention the Shanghai Maglev.
Regards Hal.
Hal Johnson    United Kingdom

I have found the Seat 61 website invaluable for travelling from the UK to Lucca, Italy.
I also very much enjoyed the presentation style of Michael Protillo in the recent Bradshaw's Victorian Railway Guide series.
It would be great to see a Seat 61 series given a similar format.
Ian Freeman   United Kingdom

Please go on !
Gert Fäldt   Sweden

Delightful and fascinating. The man in seat 61 is a genius! Every best wish for the series - I hope the commissioners give it the green light.
Lyndon Jones  United Kingdom

Excellent pilot, awaiting final result with great interest.   Please include some technical’s on rail in each country  e.g. traction employed, &/or procedures like validating tickets before boarding, not always something we do in UK. Ensure we can see on terrestrial or freeview at least otherwise impact lost.   Looking forward to end product.
Bill Culley     United Kingdom

This is very, very good.  I hope we get more, much, much more.
Rob Thurman  United Kingdom

Excellent and very engaging. Perhaps more could be made at the beginning of the programme about the fact that train travel is so much more enjoyable/convenient/life enriching than air or long distance car travel, plus the environmental and green benefits?
Will certainly watch when it comes out; hopefully there'll be plenty more converts too!
Steve Hutchinson   United Kingdom

Excellent, would definitely watch
Roger Mills   United Kingdom

Love the show so far, it seems a great mix of information, over all of history, culture and the journey itself. I'd love to see more!
Nick Burch  United Kingdom

This is great. I am planning to travel from Vladivostok to St Petersburg and then home to London, all by train, in September.
I am a fan of Man in Seat 61 anyway and I have travelled independently by train cross the USA and Canada.
Marc Kerry  United Kingdom

love it!  mark smith is my guru for my own personal forthcoming travels.   his website is THE BEST and can't wait to depart!  Mark and Kenneth appear to be having a wonderful, relaxed time together due to the civilised atmosphere of train travel.  No harassment of security checks - just strolling along discussing their next route.  It makes travel seem enjoyable again.
samantha swan  United Kingdom

Interesting film because it feels as if you're travelling with them. These journeys are journeys that lots of people with a little planning and time can do. It's not a huge travel epic which is impossible for most people to manage.
Get a commission and get on the train for the whole series!
Clare    Belgium

Can't wait to see the rest of the journey.
Peter Young   United Kingdom

Great stuff. Interesting, informative, stimulating and relaxing but also inspiring. The taster made me want to make the journey. In addition to the fascinating locations I would like to see plenty of information about the different types of trains operating in various countries. I would also like to learn more about the stations - their history, architecture and customs. The stations are, after all, the points of arrival for visitors and help to shape the impression of the city before venturing out into its streets. Most of all I'd like to benefit from Mark's experience of rail travel and to hear as many of his tips and suggestions as can reasonable be included. After all, he nailed it with the "good book and a corkscrew" tip and it would be great to hear more.

When the series comes to television I will be there to watch and my own corkscrew will already have done its job before I settle down on my sofa.

Good luck!
Chris Lowe   United Kingdom

Excellent taster, look forward to the full series. It inspires myself and I am sure others to travel more.
Neil Larry   United Kingdom

 First class film - waiting for the next episode
pat  united kingdom

Brilliant. Being a rail fan it brings to life the train lines on the map. I've been a fan of the Seat 61 website for some time now & this is a natural progression from the web. Just watched Michael Portillo's rail travels around the UK based on Bradshaw's Victorian railway guide and this is on par with that. Very well done. It would be so nice to see this come to air.
Richard Snape    United Kingdom

Very good ---- look forward to the rest of the journey ----one in the eye for Michael Palin I think.
Brian Riley    United Kingdom

This is wonderful, and the whole way its put together feels just like travelling with a couple of old friends.  I hope this team stay together for some more episodes. 
Neil    United Kingdom

Don't think about it NOW JUST DO IT!
Janet Warner United Kingdom

Delightful and informative! Good luck with the quest to find someone to commission a series.
Neil O'Shea    United Kingdom

Inspiring. Will watch the series, and the repeats, and buy the DVD. Glad to see the 'toutes gares Belges' option which I used in 1973 is still on offer!
Tim Burton  United Kingdom

Inspiring programme.  Excellent and enjoyable.  MUST BE MADE INTO A SERIES
Alexander    United Kingdom

Excellent pilot. Should make for a great series, with plenty of potential for very interesting journeys across the globe.
It would be nice to know more about the railways travelled on, such as the history of the lines. It would also be nice to see a little more of the trains and stations. Of course, this shouldn't be at the expense of time spent exploring the cities, towns and villages stopped at along the way.
I look forward to seeing a commissioned series. 
Stuart Foster  United Kingdom

It really is inspiring. Wouldn't mind it if we could have learned a bit more about Brussels or other places they go to. I hope it will make it onto the telly. Keep up the good work !!
Laila   Norway

Absolutely Fantastic!
Well paced, chock full with tasty bits of information that are easily digested. Both Mark and Kenneth made it look and feel oh so easy. They worked like well oiled old friends.
Can't wait to see the rest.
Thanks for the taster.
Paul Delves  Australia

What a great idea for a TV series!
I've been to Brussels and Waterloo by train but I'd love to see these two guys travel all the way to St Petersburg and to other places.
I always visit the Seat 61 website when planning trips back to Europe. I've used it in the past for trips in Australia and China too.
Bill Johnston    Malaysia

Excellent, I certainly hope that this taster pilot can be turned into a series. My wife and I recently travelled from St Pancras to Garmisch-Partenkirchen by rail (fed up with airports, delays, cancellations etc.) and "The Man in Seat 61" website was very helpful (full of tips and tricks).
It would be great to see rail "adventures" screened as many TV series.
Sandy Miller United Kingdom

As a lover of train travel (WHY would anyone choose to fly?) I loved this programme. If it became a series, not only would I watch it, but I'd buy the DVD series - and plan to do the journey as well. I'm only waiting until I retire (not too long to go now!) to take up serious train travel.
Linden   United Kingdom

Enjoyable preview towards what could become an excellent series. But where would the journeys end...........
Bernard Pratt   United Kingdom

Really interesting. While this might not be peak time viewing, it will certainly appeal to a wide audience, not just rail buffs.
And if more people learn about the joys of international train travel - and Mark's unique expertise - so much the better.
Fingers crossed that it is commissioned as a complete series.
Ken W   United Kingdom

Yes, please do.  It should be so interesting....
David Wong   Singapore

Looks like a winner! Bring it on!
Hope fully it is a go! I will be looking for it in Canada!
Way to go "Man in Seat 61"
Harry Thompson   Canada

Excellent - hope this does get picked up and turned into a series. The Seat61 website has been very useful - I've just got back from a rail trip around the Swiss mountains in winter using info from the site. Maybe an idea for another programme if it gets to be a series.
Alex  United Kingdom

Please can someone commission this series for screening on terrestrial TV?
Rod  United Kingdom

Very nice. I'm only left wishing I could find a link to the next instalment. The show really has a good blend of views of the trains and stations. To the exploration of the cities with some very interesting historical facts. Actors persona is very smooth and inviting; well done.
John Pflug  United States

Excellent, not rushed. It moves along at a pace where you can enjoy and learn. As someone who owns the book and has used the website I can't wait to see the series.
Ken Ward  United Kingdom

What a great idea for a show - I thoroughly enjoyed watching this.
Nick Garnham United Kingdom

Trains, travel, beer and food. You cannot go wrong with these. If you make a series, I would suggest you keep Kenneth Cranham in it. He is ideal and reminds me a lot of Ian Nairn who was the master of this type of programme.
David Thomas United Kingdom

Excellent, perhaps the various rail companies should sponsor their section of the series which shows just how easy it is to get around Europe these days after the Schengen agreement and with multivoltage trains.

Roll out the full series as soon as practical.
Derrick Codling  United Kingdom

Very inspiring program!

As a person who love to travel i find it very interesting to see two unusual individuals like Mark Smith and Kenneth Cranham in a journey like this. I have never been in places presented in show, but after watching it, I'm more than sure I will travel there one day. Keep up the form of the show, with good actor (who brings a lot of humour, and who can in interesting way say about the historic facts), and intelligent "quiet-type", who always knows the best way to go.

Hope to see more episodes like this in future!
Mariusz  Poland

Great programme, I would love to see the series on television (hopefully in HD). My only wish would be to see a bit less food, and a bit more of the trains.
Jon Biglowe United Kingdom

I enjoyed that. A good balance of travel practicalities, trains, history and food and drink. It's also good to see that public transport is used to get about rather than just limos or taxis - this shows you can "do as the locals do" and survive. It certainly reminded me that Brussels is long overdue a revisit. I look forward to see the next instalment.
Paul Corfield  United Kingdom

It would be madness for a TV company not to follow this up with a full series. It hasn't just whetted my appetite; I now crave for more.
Brian Oldford     United Kingdom

This is a brilliant trailer; I'd very much like to see a full series!
Mark Morton    United Kingdom

Excellent taster.  I used Seat61 to plan my recent London to St Petersburg journey, and the addition of local history and culinary details en-route is a great addition.  Follow-ups could include London to Vladivostok, London to Beijing or even London to Singapore.
Benjamin Golding     United Kingdom

It's seems great and informative :)
Alex Wright   United Kingdom

This is a superb taster of what will I have no doubt be a superb series. To me it covered two of my great loves, rail travel and great food. I am sure that the good mix of travel and "travelogue" will make this a popular series.

Please make the series.
Tony Hancock       United Kingdom

I would love to see this series aired. I have used to travel by train throughout Europe and would never have contemplated it without all the advice and encouragement on the website.
I love travelling by train and think we need a train travel renaissance, hopefully this programme will help make that possible.
Joanne Seale   United Kingdom

Brilliant!  Looking forward to seeing the rest of the series!
Nicola   United Kingdom

Can't wait - I have given you my email address so you can let me know when the series will be on!
Andréa Turrell   United Kingdom

This is very cool. Mark's site has been a travel planning favourite of ours for years.
Cabby    Australia

I was one of the lucky ones to find Mark Smith's site within weeks of him launching it and have been an avid fan since but now the thought of a TV program has me in raptures. The thought of endless journeys on the Trans Siberian, the South African Blue Train and The Ghan and many less known journeys has me packing bags already. How about a train/boat trip around the world
Steve Provis    United Kingdom

More please! I celebrate the day I learned of The Man in Seat 61 from my British cousin and joined the Facebook group. Now an incredibly interesting--and useful--series on rail travel would be a "must see" for me and hopefully millions of others.
Janis Rutherford   Canada

What an excellent pilot! Well balanced.
I can't wait for the next part of the journey. This has put some life into what I thought was a boring city!
Phil Round  United Kingdom

Yip. Good Luck. I think our needs and commitment to sustainability and the environment dictates a new golden age for the train. Thank you for showing how easy, enjoyable and inspirational taking the train across Europe rather than the plane is. Keep up the good work : )
Edd Fyfe   United Kingdom

A delightful trailer. I would be bound to watch the whole series. Just wish I could tag along.
Robin Downie    United Kingdom

Fabulous! What a great idea and only adds to the excellent Seat 61 website.

Having used the website to plan a trip to the Algarve in Portugal and having done it trouble free, I can only look forward to watching any future films to plan and explore future journeys that I will take.

It makes you realise that Europe and beyond is accessible by train and you are not beholden to the people that treat you like cattle but as human beings.

As you say in the programme a bottle of wine at leisure watching the world go by is the only way to travel!
Bob Davy      United Kingdom

Excellent concept. Clean, crisp filming and editing.

Balancing a talented, skilled actor (with his superb voice) against the railway web-professional (Mr.61) is a magnificent touch.

Writing is good, too.

I hope you lose none of the freshness, simplicity and high quality technical values which this pilot demonstrates.

It is also excellent to balance the trains against the local sights and FOOD and DRINK.

Daniel Charles Thomas     United States

A wonderful start to the potential series. Kenneth Cranham is the perfect host.
Well done, a train travel series is a great concept.
Alan Brundish    Australia

Fat little crook !!!  comments like that will start WW III, otherwise loved it.
have used TMIS61 many times for rail travel is SE Asia.
Hope to see the full series
Robert Phillips       Australia

This is a very impressive trailer - let's hope the whole series is made.  Mark comes across very well as the quiet man with the knowledge and Ken provides the humour and a certain innocent enjoyment.  Really well done.
And that Brussels restaurant!!!   That is a must visit on my next trip to Europe.
Dave Ansell     Australia

I want more !!     wonderful
Reverend Leonard Payne    United Kingdom

Fantastic, it's the next stage of the seat 61 railway evolution. Much needed and a breath of fresh air.
Darren Naughton    United Kingdom

Grand. I would love to see this as TV series.
Travers Owers   United Kingdom

Compelling ,charming and brilliant. More please!
Greg Stock   Canada

Really enjoyed programme. Like Kenneth Cranham my husband and I love Brussels, and I think we have found another restaurant to try! Lots of interesting information and held out interest throughout although we are already converts to wonderful long distance rail travel.
Margaret MacNamara  United Kingdom

Excellent pilot!  I love the melding of history and food and, of course, railways and trains.  This has lots of engaging promise.  The teaser at the end definitely makes me want more.  I hope this gets picked up by a US distributor!  Best of luck!
Barry Heard   United States

Keep at it! Go all the way to Saint Petersburg! Try to cover other continents too! Just make sure the show is available outside the UK, some of us on the other side of the pond would like to see it too.
Adam    United States

The Man in Seat 61 has been the inspiration for my travels, and this episode was brilliant!
Richard Ellis  United Kingdom

I really like that you give more than the train information and encourage people to get out & see the cities between destinations. Places of interests and good restaurants are always appealing to everyone.  Hopefully, the series will be shown over here.
Barbara Pace    United States

Really interesting program.  I'd love to see the rest of the series.  Top marks.
John Berry   United Kingdom

Excellent! On the TV, on the internet, where can I watch more?
Kelly Townsend   Australia

Well Done Mark, what an absolutely great idea to produce a visual series to complement your excellent website. I've just watched the pilot and you've created what looks like will be a really enjoyable series. Really good layout, filming and editing by Guerilla Films and you've chosen a really interesting host full of worldly experience in Kenneth Cranham. It's great also to see you on screen. I look forward to catching the rest of this current series from London to St Petersburg. Definitely keep up the good work and I sincerely hope you continue to make more series of your travelling experiences by train. You and Kenneth make a great team and it's so nice to show people the joy of travelling by train through such wonderful countries, it really is a unique method of exploring and some of my most treasured personal travel experiences have been aboard a train. Fantastic - looking forward to more!
Chris Brock   United Kingdom

I look forward to this being made into a series. For some time I have used Mark Smith’s website and have found it invaluable in the preparation of train trips abroad.
Rod Young    United Kingdom

This is really good! Could see this as being an ongoing world travel adventure with train travel tips - will give inspiration to budding adventures and circulates evidence of rail travel renaissance. Looks like the start of a fun grown up series which I hope will take off and travel the globe, Thanks. 
Michael Nicholson    New Zealand

Wonderful, wonderful programme. I'm looking forward to many more.
Philip Kay      United Kingdom

Having used the Seat61 site for working out route over Europe and would recommend it to everyone. I look forward to the complete series if this is a taster.
Mick Lee       United Kingdom

This could be the start of a new series in the tradition of famous British travel programmes. Please go on.
Gert            Netherlands

The website is the place to start if you want to make a journey by train, and don't know how. As for the TV series I think it is a wonderfully idea, and hope somehow it won’t get lost on Sky or another pay channel.
Frank Crawley     United Kingdom

Excellent idea to "further" the profile of Seat61.
Julian Weatherall   United Kingdom

We always use your site for planning our annual European vacation. Thanks so much for the valuable , timely information. Hope you can get your series on BBC Canada.   God bless.
John and Maureen,   Toronto   Canada

I've been exploring Europe by train for several years and wouldn't do it any other way now. Your site is a gold mine of information. Let the hordes go by their budget airlines, I'll take the civilized way any day. The taster makes me want to get down to Waterloo this afternoon!
Stephen Edwards       United Kingdom

I enjoyed the snippet and will tune in if and when it becomes a series. I used Man in Seat 61 for a trip i undertook last autumn from Dublin to Istanbul. It proved invaluable and I liked the fact that Mark Smith the person responsible for the site wasn't into the hard sell when I contacted him with some questions. Great to see he's also part of the cast for this. Finally, even though his face is familiar, Kenneth Cranham is a great asset to have on the show. Best of luck with the series. 
Edward Berwick        Ireland

Terrific, please make a series. Your site is brilliant. Kenneth Cranham is the right man for the job. Good luck.
Kenneth Bell      United Kingdom

Just watched the show and I hope to see more!
Lisa Scheer         United States

A great start to this series, or at least I hope it is a series. Kenneth Cranham is a wonderful host for this show. Can't wait for the next episode.
David O'Keeffe  Australia

You are on the right track.  Hope there are no delays
John Hogg   United Kingdom

I've used and recommended this site for some years.  It's absolutely brilliant and I'm thrilled that it may get to a wider audience with the proposed TV series.  For someone like me who detests flying it's an absolute godsend.
Jackie Hausermann  United Kingdom

Very good. I hope you could make a whole series. As a railway engineer I'd like more technical hints about trains but the approach on food and history it's good.
Ruben  Turkey

We have followed Mark's advice for several years now as I don't fly and it has, without fail, ensured our arrangements have gone smoothly so as a result we have enjoyed our holiday. Really appreciated the personal advice he gave us last year when there were problems on Italian Railways. Would LOVE to see the rest of the series
Rhona at Dentonview   United Kingdom

Go ahead, make the series and sell it to Sweden.
Andreas J      Sweden

I thoroughly enjoyed the taster film and will be looking out for the series. The information given was very interesting especially the restaurant in Belgium and the fact that you can use your train ticket on other lines in Belgium.  Thank you.
Maureen Lawton    United Kingdom

What a great idea, really looking forward to the series.
Janet Sidney   Switzerland

Love it and hope we get to see it all in Bangkok.
Gabrielle Turner  Thailand

John Sielicki   United States

I enjoy train travel with its broader view of the countyside and I enjoy the relative freedom of movement. I look forward to the completion of the series and its availability on Australian TV or on disk.
Ian Henderson   Australia

I think this is fab, pity it will not be made in time for our rail trip to Europe in April
Amanda Rowlatt    United Kingdom

Inspiring, something we would like to see more of.
Adrian & Jacky  United Kingdom

Really interesting and informative! Can't wait for the rest of the series to follow.
Sarah Stretton  United Kingdom

I cannot wait to see the next episode! We followed Mark's advice for taking the train from London to Vilnius last summer and my family felt it was our best vacation ever. Good luck with the series!
Cynthia   United States

Fabulous - please do the full series - so much useful information and specialist knowledge that should be shared!
Lisa Moore     United Kingdom

This is great -- I was fascinated by the man in seat 61 when I first read about him. Please make more!
Carolyn Barrett   United Kingdom

It will be a great series!! It is a great way to show people how nice train ridings are. I hope they sell the series to Holland.
Peter van Rosmalen   Netherlands

Very good indeed. I would very much like to see the rest of the series.
In current times of cheap and nasty air travel we need films like this to encourage civilised travel which is kind to the environment and the traveller.
I am prompted to book a trip to Brussels now!
John Bruton    United Kingdom

As some-one who hates flying but would love to travel more , this would be  a very interesting series that I would definitely watch and enjoy recommending to friends and family.
Mrs Marie Hill   United Kingdom

Please do continue.  This site has inspired me to skip the plane and take a train from Shenzhen to Beijing while on vacation.  A more refined way to travel that will allow us to experience more. Thank you.
Ross Hunt    Canada

Very good & interesting. Please make more.
Eric Rattle

Very interesting and brought back some good memories of Brussels!  I want to see more!
Helen Glanville

What an excellent taster. I really hope this continues. Travelling by train is a much more interesting and rewarding experience than flying. Well done.
Ken Rushton  United Kingdom

I really enjoyed this. It shows how fantastic it is to travel and experience all the delights of other countries. I like the mixture of sightseeing and practical information about how to take the train. I think this will prove inspirational to many people and encourage them to use trains for travel more often.
Colin Baird   United Kingdom

...must be continued, Kenneth Cranham is a very good choice for promoting all those trains, beers and food, topped with matters of great historical interest. This should interest those outside of the normal train enthusiasts world and suggest "train" as the normal, but more interesting means of travel.
Tony Ramsay

Great first impression. Sure series will be a success - hope it doesn`t mean trains will suddenly get full up. Looking forward to seeing full series and hope it will be easy to watch outside UK too. Looking forward to my next trip even more now.
Bruce Ratcliff

I like the way the travellers are taking ordinary trains to make a fascinating journey. And that anyone can do the same with the help of the wonderful Man in Seat 61 website.  It's strikes the right balance between talking about the journey and the destinations. I hope you get to air the programme.
Margaret C

I'm hooked! I loved the video and eagerly await the series. Very well done.
John D. Rayner

Very Good and would love to see the rest. There has just been a series on TV of Great Rail journeys in Britain with Michael Portillo. I loved that too as I had been on many of the trains myself.
Stephen Holland

Just looked at your video… this is excellent !
Marc Van Dyck 

I have been a fan of Mark for some years now and i think this is a brilliant idea cannot wait for the series, Thank you.
Graham Gibbons

A wonderful taste of what will become a delicious series! TV needs something like this, It will inspire the viewers to set off on their own magical train journey I'm sure!
Ross Corbett

Really loved watching the 'taster' ,it was very exciting. I cannot wait to see the finished programme. I found your website while I was looking for a train to take me and my hubby to the South of France in the summer time, so glad I came across it, thank's for making the effort to make such an interesting website, you have inspired me to want to travel to other places besides Paris, cheers Mark.
Nicola Frances Ward

Very good and would love to see the rest. There has just been a series on TV of great rail journeys in Britain with Michael Portillo. I loved that too as I had been on many of the trains myself.
Stephen Holland

It says at the end "To Be Continued" - I can't wait, it may even inspire me to shell out for 2 Visas (Belarus Transit & Russian Tourist)
John Buchanan Lau

I think its brilliant, I do hope that a series will be made as myself and my children will love it x
Jacqui Stretton 

Liked it! Looking forward to the series.
Pamela von Reibnitz 

Joe Turner

thinks it is absolutely wonderful! Reminds me of my 5+ week rail trip of Europe I setup/enjoyed. Glad it's a mature person you used. If I can help in any way, please let me know. Loved it!!! Good luck!
Lynn Rutter McNally McKenzie 

Pilot looks good. Can’t wait :)
Brian MacMahon 

Really nice. Looking forward to it; hope it takes off.
Peter McCracken

Congratulations Mr Smith.. great idea! If u need my help from Malaysia & Thailand, just tell me, I'm ready
Mohd Muda 

Brilliant and inspirational. Just like the first time I came across the website all those years ago, I got all day-dreamy when I watched the trailer. There is no better way to travel than by train...I look forward to the TV series : )
Edd Fyfe 

A lovely film; many congratulations to Mark and Kenneth; as ever, an inspirational site .. bring on the TV series :)
Michael Brown 

Fabulous. If you need an Avid/FCP editor for the series let me know
Frances Bowen 

Excellent! Congratulations! Well done, Sir
John Delikanakis 

Fantastic stuff, hope it gets picked up, it would be a treat to watch on TV or buy on DVD!
Florin Voicu 

Really enjoyed that - I like the fact that the guest is the 'interested' party and doing the narrative etc a real turnaround to normal travelogues.
David Thomas Ashwood 

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