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Ben LeeBen Lee

Undertaking his premiere acting role, Lee, a talented, young Australian, has also established himself in his native country in the music field. Placid Lake will be his first lead in a feature film. At the time of filming his girlfriend was the actress Claire Danes. Those with sharp eyes will notice a very small cameo from Danes in the film.

Rose ByrneRose Byrne

Byrne worked with producer Marian Macgowan on the feature Two Hands, and the two will work together once again on The Rage in Placid Lake. Other acting roles in feature films of note include Deidre in The Goddess of 1967 (for which she won a Best Actress award, Venice Film Festival, 2000), Dorme in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and the upcoming films The Pitch, I Capture the Castle and Love’s Brother.

Miranda RichardsonMiranda Richardson

Miranda Richardson first appeared on the London stage in 1981. British television roles soon followed, progressing into film. Since then, Richardson has moved into the international arena in both film and stage work. Her roles are diverse, but powerful and engaging, including performances in Tom & Viv, Dance With a Stranger, Sleepy Hollow, Blackadder Back and Forth, Chicken Run (voice of Mrs Tweedy) and Get Carter.

Garry McDonaldGarry McDonald

Australian actor McDonald has been working in television and film since 1964, including his own television series The Garry McDonald Show, 1977. Most recently he was seen in Moulin Rouge! and Rabbit-Proof Fence.


Nicholas HammondNicholas Hammond

Hammond made his mark as a child actor staring in such roles as Robert in Lord of the Flies, 1963 and Friedrich von Trapp in The Sound of Music, 1965. Numerous roles in television and film followed, including The Amazing Spider-Man television series, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (mini series), and the feature film Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles.

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Miranda Richardson, Garry McDonald and Ben Lee
Miranda Richardson, Garry McDonald and Ben Lee

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