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“Tony McNamara has conjured an instant cult classic, as funny as any Australian film in recent memory. McNamara arms his script with witty barbs and aided by some fine comic performances from a splendid cast. If he never acts again, Lee can be assured of his place in cinemas pantheon of great comic performances.
A bookish Rose Byrne also proves her mettle far more than her recent American outings TROY and WICKER PARK. But it’s a frizzy haired Richardson who steals the film with an excruciating turn as a beatnik mother-from-hell.
With its hear firmly in the right place, this is one film that’s impossible to dislike.”
8 stars
TNT Film Of The Week

“The script is full of Aussie humour – smart, absurd, blackly hilarious and astute…a little beauty.”
Johnny Vaughan - The Sun

“an unexpected treat “
4 stars

"A quirky and endearing coming-of-age tale from Australia, with charming performances and an hilariously absurd script. Ben Lee is superb as Placid Lake, desperate to rid himself of his pesky virginity. Miranda Richardson is terrific as his stoner mum."
7 stars
QX Magazine

This week's best films: THE RAGE IN PLACID LAKE - “lots of sharp, saucy humour and a good cast.”

“A film that’s quite a joy to behold.“
London and More

“Charming and funny low budget Australian movie that’s a joy from beginning to end with wonderful performances from Lee and Byrne. A gem of an Oz movie.”
Mark Adams - Sunday Mirror

“resolutely upbeat, good natured film, with quintessentially Australian brand of bright, tone-setting optimism."
The List

“sharp Australian comedy"
Glasgow Evening Times

“A funny, FERRIS BUELLER-esque joy."
Daily Star Magazine

“in everyway a small film, but none the worse for it…I liked the droll, deadpan Aussie humour.”
The Independent (Information)

“This is a sly and understated rights of passage comedy with some great moments.”
Big Issue

“sharp, satirical story “
Sunday Express - Pick of the Week

“sweet, laid back comedy with a quirky flavour of NAPOLEN DYNAMITE and DONNIE DARKO”
Daily Express

“if you liked NAPOLIAN DYNAMITE or GARDEN STATE you will like this hip comedy that’s well worth a look”
The Daily Mirror

“a sweet Aussie parable …it’s certainly got spark”
Metro - critic’s choice of top ten films

“a funny and thoroughly entertaining time is had by all “
Alan Frank, Daily Star ( paper)

“An enjoyable debut film…the film is sharp, cynical and unconventional”
The Times

“This is a real breath of fresh air.”
Film Review

“fabulously barbed dialogue...”
What's On

“Brilliant….better than Donnie Darko”
Factory Magazine

Ben Lee
Ben Lee