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"A brilliant new British film ...wryly humorous, tender, odd, beautifully filmed. A real gem."

Mail on Sunday
5/5 stars

"We are so used to British films disappointing us that our joy is even greater when we encounter such an utterly delightful film as Two Men Went to War with a comic touch that we have rarely seen since the great Ealing days, this splendid tale of British eccentricity is hilariously funny...

...a wonderful plot that continually branches off in unexpected directions... encouragingly it doesn't have that grey, washed-out look of so many British movies but is shot in deliciously vibrant colours... It reminded me of the better episodes of Dad's Army...

There'll always be an England, just so long as we can still make occasional movies like this... it banishes the blues and puts you in the most splendid of moods. What more could you want from a film?"

Simon Rose, BBC Radio
5/5 stars

"In true DAD'S ARMY style, these dentists are guaranteed to put a smile on your face."

Sunday Telegraph

"A must for all DAD'S ARMY fans. Well acted, beautifully shot and recreates the period well."

Sunday Express

"Cranham is marvellous...amusing and surreal ...enjoyably off-beat."

Jason Caro, Film Review

"...the best home grown war movie for 5 years."

Gy, Birmingham Evening Mail
4/5 stars

"In true DAD'S ARMY style, these dentists are guaranteed to put a smile on your face."

Jane Simon, Sunday Telegraph
3/5 stars

"It's gentle, jolly, nicely done, and just about impossible to review without referring to Mainwaring and Pike from DAD'S ARMY."

Nicholas Barber, The Independent on Sunday

"full of quixotic charm, even touching"

The Times

"A must for DAD'S ARMY fans. Well acted, beautifully shot and recreates the period well. Above all, it captures the stubbornness and eccentricity that helped Britain to win the war."

Henry Fitzherbert, The Sunday Express
3/5 stars

"Old fashioned Ealingesque comedy"

Mike Davies, Birmingham Post
3/5 stars

"Two Men Went to War is destined to become a classic in the vein of seminal British 70s sitcom Dad’s Army. It tells the true story of two British army dentists who decide to go AWOL and invade occupied France during World War II.

Completely mad but true. Winston Churchill loved the story so much that he personally intervened at their court martial.

Central to the proceedings is Kenneth Cranham who plays Sergeant Peter King of the Army Dental Corps. Cranham, if Hollywood casting directors and agents get hold of preview copies of this movie before its release in November, has the ability to join the ranks of Jim Broadbent and Tom Wilkinson as a Hollywood character actor favourite. Central to Cranham’s characterisation is the vulnerable dignity he reveals in Sergeant King. A heartfelt dignity that leads to his insane quest to go AWOL, steal a fishing boat, invade occupied France and attack German base.

Accompanying him on this lunacy is Leo Bill who plays Private Leslie Cuthbertson. By way of an aside, WRAP wonders why so few people in Britain are called Leslie Cuthbertson these days where they have all gone? Two Men Went To War is a funny, heart-warming and gentle movie where the laughs come from the absurdity of the situation. Cranham and Bill are supplemented by a great supporting cast of British character actors. Names Hollywood will recognise include Derek Jacobi (Gladiator) and James Fleet (Four Weddings & A Funeral) and the ever marvellous Phyllida Law (Emma Thompson’s mum for those who don’t know).

This film is so likeable and gentle it is the perfect antidote to almost any personal misery or depression. Give up on the Prozac and invade occupied France with Cranham and Bill of the Army Dental Corps. You won’t be disappointed; WRAP wasn’t. This could be the problem with the British film industry. We aren’t making enough films about dentists. What do you think?"

5/5 stars
Howard Webster, WRAP magazine

"Belongs to that increasingly rare breed of British films - a good story, well told. It's light hearted nature makes it more of a tonic than an epic but it's refreshing unpretentious air should be cause for celebration. It's unashamedly nostalgic stuff but it's expertly shot, ably directed and very well performed by an excellent cast.

What is disappointing is that it has been denied the wider cinema release that it deserves."

8 out 10
Robin Grey, Moviejuice, Scottish TV

"a delightfully quirky, quintessentially British film that you may have
been lucky enough to catch at the cinema"


"This is a good old fashioned yarn with solid performances from the twosome
who have a Mannering and Pyke from DAD'S ARMY relationship. The old ones are
always the best"

WHAT'S ON UK 4 out of 5

"a delight with Kenneth Cranham excellent as the no nonsense sergeant"


"an engaging and thoroughly enjoyable comedy"


"Endearing dotty yarn....a gem"

THE WEEKLY NEWS 4 out of 5

"You will just love these two eccentrics"


"enjoyable eccentric tale with a comic touch reminiscent of the Ealing
Comedy days"


"Beautifully shot, and with a wonderful soundtrack"


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