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guerilla films

guerilla films limited was founded in 1995 by filmmaker David Nicholas Wilkinson. However he had used the name guerilla films during the 1980s for the more edgy productions he made whilst running Britannia Entertainment.

The company was originally set up primarily as a production company; however, as far back as 1982, Wilkinson had been involved in distributing - firstly his own films and then those of friends. Initially he was a closet distributor; but over the years he became better at exploiting film and therefore the company decided to devote its energies to distribution first and foremost.

Since 1999, guerilla films decided to concentrate solely on distributing British & Irish films within the UK & Ireland. We are the only UK distribution company who has this commitment to British films.

Prior to this date, guerilla films had distributed over 40 feature films from European producers. These included classic films from Eric Rohmer, Barbet Schroeder, Claude Chabrol, Jacques Rivette, etc. With our subsequent commitment to exclusively British and Irish films, we have since relinquished these rights.

With many of our current films, we either have all rights - cinema, DVD rental & sell-through, television, cable and satellite; or else we have specific rights.

We used to specialise in films that others term difficult, something that we are keen to continue; but in the last few years, we have worked with filmmakers at the production and post production stages and now have some very commercial films.

Our films have screened in all the leading UK chains - UGC, Cineworld, Odeon, UCI and VUE as well as numerous independent cinemas.

Our DVDs are, or have been, available in all the high street outlets including BLOCKBUSTER, VIRGIN, HMV, W H SMITH as well as online. We were the first UK distribution company to start selling completed films via the Internet. This started in January 1996.

We have licensed our films to the BBC, Sky, Channel 4, Fox FX, Carlton Cinema but sadly never ITV.

We are constantly looking to take on more British and Irish films and help reduce the backlog of films that are trying to find any kind of UK release.

Because the founder is also a producer, writer and occasionally an actor, we know only too well the time, effort and money that goes into each film during the ever lengthening development period plus the long hard hours and endless problems that makeup every production shoot.

Therefore, the fact that some of these films cannot find a showing in the very medium for which they were intended, the cinema, is heart breaking for all concerned.

Our only secret is that we take on a few films each year and treat them as if they are our own. We therefore have to do everything we can to make these films succeed in order to continue what we are doing.

We are happy to consider any completed film looking for UK distribution, especially British or Irish ones. We may take on film produced in a country outside our remit, but it will have to be exceptional.

We have raised production and finishing funds, from private investors, for low budget British pictures in the past, and this is something we intend doing more of in the future.