The DVD includes an additional documentary 'Past Into Present' and features Jean Butler (star of 'Riverdance') talking about and rehearsing the Irish dance sessions shown in the film.

Interview with
Jean Butler.

B R Y L C R E E M  B O Y S
- War is more than taking sides -

"Excellent and tear-jerking, worth seeing."

"I was held spellbound ..."

"a terrific film ..."

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The Brylcreem Boys

Hot Disc
Total DVD Magazine
December 1999

"One of the Best of British DVDs".
DVD Review Magazine
January 2000

The Curragh prisoner of war camp in Kildare County, Ireland provides the backdrop and inspiration for The Brylcreem Boys, a unique war-time drama, exploring love and friendship amidst the bitter conflict of World War II. Stranger than fiction, The Brylcreem Boys brings an unusual chapter in Irish history into the present with a delightful mix of romance, humour and adventure.

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Directed, co-written and co-produced by Terry Ryan, The Brylcreem Boys features an outstanding ensemble cast of the cream of British, American and European actors including Bill Campbell, Gabriel Byrne, John Gordon-Sinclair, Angus MacFadyen, Joe McGann, William McNamara, Oliver Tobias and Jean Butler.

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