Bob's Weekend starring Bruce Jones with Ricky Tomlinson and Brian Glover


"Immensely enjoyable, surreal comedy"
Phillip French, The Observer

"This low-budget British film at times seems dated and the cash restrictions are clearly evident. However, the endearing narrative and dark humour make for a refreshing tale."
Empire - 3 stars

"Britain's answer to IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE"
Mark Cousins, DEFF

"Inventive and likeable realist-tinged fantasy adventure... affectionate tone and amusing"
Time Out

"Sweetly black, sometimes magical comedy"

Look out for Jevon O'Neills Kafkaesque comedy..."
Sunday Telegraph

"Bruce Jones gives a moving performance in a quirkily surreal study of despair."
TV Times - 3 stars

"Good Brit flick from an up and coming film company. It is wonderfully British and captures the dream-like quality that Blackpool holds for many perfectly... Buy British. You won't be disappointed."
DVD REVIEW - 3 stars out of 5

"Extremely funny in places... brilliant."
ULTIMATE DVD - 3 stars out of 5

Engrossing comedy about a suicidal security guard and the woman who saves him.
The Guardian

Bruce Jones plays a cuckolded security guard whose suicide leap from Blackpool Pier is interrupted by a pretty student. Ricky Tomlinson co-stars in this mildly likeable low-rent comedy.
The Independent

Bruce Jones has an increasingly surreal time, helped by Charlotte Jones who becomes his companion and guardian angel.
The Daily Star

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