Bob's Weekend starring Bruce Jones with Ricky Tomlinson and Brian Glover

Robert Askew (Bruce Jones) travels to Blackpool to prepare an extraordinary end to his extra ordinary life. But this is no ordinary weekend and a succession of magical events conspire to turn a journey of despair into a voyage of discovery.

One Friday evening Bob's new partner Ste (Billy Boden) goads him into a football match. The Boss (Brian Glover) catches them and Bob is dismissed on the spot. Returning home early he discovers his wife Brenda (Anna Jaskolka) is having an affair. Devastated, he drives off.

Bob arrives in Blackpool with the intention of throwing himself from the North Pier, but hesitates. He wants to do it 'properly' and heads into town to find the various items he needs to give the occasion an appropriate ritual significance.

After a hearty breakfast he collects 'something smart to wear' and something heavy to weigh him down before encountering a mysterious old lady who explains that she and Bob meet three times. 'Once to prepare you for life. Once to prepare you for death. And once to prepare you for the afterlife'.

Bob returns to North Pier but is pulled back from the brink by Angela (Charlotte Jones) - a young psychology student - who assures him everyone has a purpose in life and that he has simply lost sight of his. She leads him on a journey of self-discovery and gradually he begins to realise that before he can start anew, he has to come to terms with his past.

Only at the end does the real significance of the old lady's prophetic words will become clear. She was preparing Bob not for death... but for life.

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