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Since 1996, guerilla films has been employed as a consultant on nearly 350 feature film projects. Three hundred of these were for one overseas company who returned to us over a period of several years with a contractual request for formal reports on film development and distribution issues. An extraordinarily high ratio of these projects in development were produced.

We have advised directors, producers, writers, actors, technicians, financiers (both individuals and groups) as well as a major financing company across a broad assortment of aspects of the feature film industry.

The format of such consultations has ranged between simple one-to-one advice from just a few hours discussion to our assembling a team of twelve people over a period of several months.

Our advice has covered every aspect: from development to production to distribution to sales agency, even providing marketable artwork to help in securing finance.

In over a dozen of the films on which we have been asked to consult, we have advised those concerned to secure UK distributors other than ourselves since we felt such impartiality was in the best interests of the individual project concerned.

We work exclusively for the interest of those who have secured our services. Indeed, in many cases, we have advised financiers not to invest in certain films. Likewise, we have helped to secure financing for producers by putting in place a solid business structure. Despite the reluctance of some producers to do so, this is vital in our opinion to facilitating a successful conclusion. 

Given our involvement in the production and/or distribution of well over 100 feature films, we have become highly proficient at spotting a weakness in both a film and its financial packaging. It is unfortunately not uncommon for some British films to be produced and financed at the wrong budget level for the world market. As some subject matter simply doesn’t have world appeal, appropriate advice at the right time could prevent finance being fruitlessly squandered. After a film is produced, it’s too late.

Whilst we have entered private & confidential agreements with all the people with whom we have worked and are therefore restricted from saying which films we have worked on or who our clients were, we are at liberty to provide reference from some of the financial bodies we have worked with.

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