Silent Grace
silent grace  

Set in Armagh prison in I980 at the height of the notorious 'Dirty Protest' Silent Grace tells the untold story of women's involvement in the struggle by Republican prisoners for political status.

A fictional story based on true events, Silent Grace is a gripping story of friendship and survival.

Aine, a criminal wild child, is thrown into the same cell as the highest ranking Republican prisoner.

Eileen helps save Aine's sanity and as the protest escalates to the hunger strike Aine does all she can to help save Eileen's life.

"Throwing light on the peace process."
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Silent Grace is about retaining dignity in the most undignified of circumstances and not giving up. The film looks at a traumatic moment in Anglo/Irish history from a Good Friday Agreement perspective.

The film also raises very contemporary questions:
- How should you treat your 'enemy' when incarcerated?
- Should 'terrorists' have human rights too?
- How far should you go for the things you believe in?

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