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PIOTR SZKOPIAK has been working as a freelance director and editor since February 1995. His work has included short films, television drama, documentaries, magazine programmes, music videos, commercials, television and corporate promotions and live events. Clients have included the BBC, ITV, Channel 5, Warner Bros., EMI, The Paramount Channel, SelecTV Cable and TV Polonia.

Highlights include editing work on the cult BBC comedy series "Operation Good Guys" and a well-received documentary, "LA PASSIONE: A Conversation with Chris Rea", which he wrote, directed and edited, chronicling the singer/songwriter's first foray into film making. Previously, Piotr worked for British Sky Broadcasting, where he directed "Xposure" and "The Movie Show"; both presented by Richard Jobson.

Piotr has written, produced and directed three short films and has worked on a number of others as editor, assistant director and co-producer. His last short, LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE, was shown on Sky Television in October 1997 and won Best British Film at the IAC Awards in 1995.

Having co-produced and edited the feature film THE KILLING ZONE in 1998, SMALL TIME OBSESSION is Piotr's first feature as writer/director.

Born in South London in 1966, Piotr was raised in South London's Polish community. Both his parents were born in Poland but were deported during the Second World War when Poland was invaded by the German and Russian armies. His father was sent to Austria by the Germans and his mother to Siberia by the Russians.

Having eventually made their way to England, they could not return to Poland after the war as it was still occupied by Soviet Russia and under communist rule so they remained in England as political refugees, as did many of their fellow countrymen and women.

Before deciding to pursue a career in film, Piotr studied Business at Thames Valley University in West London and Commercial Art with the International Correspondence School. He is also a qualified instructor in Polish Folk Song and Dance after attending a three-month course at Lublin University in Poland.

His career in the media began in 1989 as a production assistant in MTV Europe's News Department.


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