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Re-inventing Eddie

2002 cert 15, running time 93 minutes

Director: Jim Doyle

In Jim Doyle's new film Eddie suddenly finds himself caught up in a chain of events that tears his life and family apart. Winner of the Tribecca Best Film Award at the Galway Film Festival. Winner of the Jury & Audience Prize for Best Film at the Cherbourg Film Festival. Written & Directed by Jim Doyle.

Starring John Lynch, Geraldine Somerville and John Thomson.


?This is a timely look at a worrying subject...Lynch and Somerville neatly portray the frustration of people caught up in something beyond their control." HOTDOG ?Lynch brings sincerity to an awkward role and FAST SHOW alumnus John Thompson supplying gentle humour as his best mate. ? TOTAL FILM ?This low-key British drama sees John Lynch as a well-meaning dad who isn?t shy when it comes to teaching his two young children the facts of life. However, his frankness lands him in trouble when an innocent bath time game is misinterpreted by his daughter?s teacher, and before long social workers are swarming to his doorstep convinced the little ones are being abused. As depressingly worthy as this might sound, it?s a very watchable little film, enlivened by decent performances from Lynch as a likeable chap whose only real crime is being a bit too liberal for his own good, and Thomson as his sympathetic best friend ? while the potentially thorny subject matter is sensitively handled." EMPIRE 3/5 stars - NUTS

Re-inventing Eddie


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